We will begin a series of pages at the root of the problem – mathematics.  Wait before you click away.  I know you just cringed and voiced your dislike for math.  I cannot blame you and heard all the reasons why you cannot learn math.  See the truth is your not suppose to get it; how else could free people be controlled.  Math is taught so only a few get it and the rest, just do not get it.  I think that is very unfair.  Just open any math textbook and remind yourself how unfair it is.  The reason is the very important information necessary for most people to learn math is omitted or never explained.  Therefore, prevents you from having a good understanding of mathematics.  This is how mathematics is designed and taught.  We are going to fix that.  On the other hand, someone that understands mathematics will gloss over these omissions because math makes sense to them.  Even saying the information is not necessary to grasp mathematics.

Without a good understand of mathematics you really do not understand how you are getting screwed over – and you are!  If you understand why the omission of the information, mathematics becomes as it should be, a tool to make better choices.  I am asked all the time; “when will I use “this” (math) in the real world?”  Answer is every time you make a decision.  Most people are taught math is used to solve a problem.   This is true but a subset for the real reason to know math.  Mathematics is the tool to detect deception!  The omission of information taught in schools is a level of control preventing the ability to make a different decision – very cunning if you think about it.

At this site, each new post or page will help you understand higher levels of mathematics.  We will start at the very beginning – arithmetic.  Work our way to advance mathematics and science.  Most of the content will show both the current method shown in any textbook then we will show the content that is omitted.  Therefore, you get a clearer understanding of the difference.  How to really think about math.

Before we go out blaming others, understand no one person or group is at fault. The true problem lies outside the education system.  We will go into how each group independently is doing a decent job but the whole of education is not doing a good job.  Here is the point; the groups involved in the education system cannot solve the problem to the education system.  Groups like students, parents, school boards, teachers, local and state governments, federal government none can solve the problem of education.  It is a paradox!