Global Warming

Spent the last few hours reading chat lines about global warming. It amazes me the poor level of science and mathematics we have in the United States. As a college professor teaching physics, mathematics, environmental issues and microeconomics I hear from students all the time how they will never use math. A clue – you use math all the time in that brain of yours. And it shows the level of mathematics you know! So we will spent sometime explaining Sheeple topics.

Global warming is real! However, it is natural occurring event! Milankovitch cycles explain global warming and cooling. The reason why most sheeple in the United States never heard of him is he is Russia. And his findings came out in 1956 during the height of the Cold War. Anything at that time the United States rejected. What his findings show is that the wiggle, distance, angle, and position of Earth is to the Sun determines if we are cooling or warming over long periods of time.

Another cool thing is the ice drilling in Antarctica validates Milankovitch cycles. The ice rods are dated when ice and hot ages occur. So we have two different scientific discipline’s validating each other. It’s not a debate in the true scientific realm.

Nonetheless, it is a debate in the global political realm.

Another way of looking at the global political realm is let say we blame the ocean levels rising twice a day because all the ships in the ocean. And we can show that buoyance force (the force that makes things float) makes the water level rise in a lab. Therefore, we extrapolate the result in the lab to the buoyant force of the ships in the ocean. The result is buoyant force of the ships cause the high and low tides. Then this guy comes along as say what about the moon. Now that guy is in trouble with the global political realm because they cannot tax sheeple anymore. That is if the sheeple find out that the moon causes the high and low tides. So, his findings are rejected. Consequently, the global political realm is thankful for the poor education systems.

The moral of the story is that science and mathematics improve your critical thinking skills. And you don’t depend on some news channel to program your thinking. Propaganda is a powerful tool!