Shadow Government

800px-DutchEmpire3The shadow government sometimes called “the secret government”, “the invisible government”, New World Order (NWO), Illuminati, and other names is based on the actual political power does not reside with publicly elected representatives, but with a ruling class of private individuals (global elites) who are exercising power behind the scenes. According to this premise, the legitimate elected government officials are in reality submissive to the shadow government.

Here we will take a step proving the existence of a shadow government, by doing so gives creditability to premise that global elites hijacked our current government and in control. How to prove the premise is to show that such a shadow government did historically exist in the past, then we will emulate the past shadow government to the present. Consequently giving validity to a shadow government is in control of our present government.

The name of the historical shadow government is The Dutch East India Company in Dutch, Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie (VOC). VOC for about 200 years (1602 to 1799) over shadowed the native ruling tribes from Banda and Maluku islands, Cape Colony (tip of South Africa), Batavia on Java (now Djakarta, Indonesia), Ceylon, part of the coast of India. VOC had exclusive right of trade on Japan through Dejima, where the Japanese learned about western science.

VOC is most likely the first mega corporation (shadow government) having unbelievable powers like their own military to wage war, a court system, and the ability to negotiate treaties, minting coins, land allocations and more. Think about it. VOC has everything required to rule over people in the name of “trade”. Everyone’s function would be in support of the production of spice.

How does VOC tactically gain control over the native tribes is VOC supports the weaker of the two warring princes. Not enough support to win or eliminate their rival but enough support so the prince becomes dependent. The adversary prince then starts to negotiate with VOC to bring about peace. VOC now has both warring princes under their control. This support has a price, the exclusive delivery of spices, and a world monopoly.

What if the prince traded with the English or Portuguese? The VOC military moved on the population to exterminate them. Retirement employees from VOC then got small plantations with slaves to grow the spice. We leave you too further research the history of the rise of VOC.

Let us take a moment to reflect. Two warring princes are analogous with the two party structures of Republican and Democrat parties. Each party are played off each other just enough so that neither gains total control. VOC prints their specific currency likewise the Federal Reserve System prints Federal Reserve Notes. For those that do not know the unconstitutional Federal Reserve (Feds) is a privately own banking cooperation and no more Federal than Federal Express. Non-elected officials negotiate treaties for example, like the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) for the rights to the land and property rights.

Nonetheless, the goal of the premise is to answer do we have a shadow government in the name of trade overshadowing our elected (selected) officials. We have not shown this – yet. However, we have shown that historically a mega corporation can rule over a government of tribal princes for a very long time.

We leave with this to think about. Are the special interest groups the shadow government emissaries supporting both political groups?

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name, Amen