Secret Societies

vibrationoflove1Secret Societies are organizations that conceal their internal affairs and function from non-members. However, the society may or may not attempt to conceal their existence. Such societies frequently consist of two internal branches. One seeks knowledge and power to control others. The other seeks to safeguard secret knowledge from misuse. Most groups seek isolation from the public to protect themselves from persecution and/or gain an advantage to control the public.


Secret Societies Flow ChartSecret Societies are elite however not all members are elitist. Those that maintain a public presence fill their lower ranks by recruiting from the general population. Good will projects characterize the outer levels; members that begin to become aware take an oath of secrecy before they spread their knowledge. Members with excellent potential that pass ritual ceremonies and/or secret rites move into upper levels; eventually placed in a position of power to carry out the agenda. Powerful Secret Societies tend to contain concentrations of specific bloodlines. Secret Societies are after knowledge that would increase their power and ability to control the masses. To achieve this they hire the academia brains to do exotic research, search for hidden knowledge and technology.

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