untitledThe media narrows the choices we make by bombarding the you with two sided debates having the purpose to hypnotize our thoughts into choosing one of the two sides. The media’s function is to propagate information in a Hegelian Dialectic format.

The media have one thing on their agenda and that is to follow orders from the global elites. It is important to note that global elites are not in it for the money; global elites already have the money. What they seek is your willingness for global control; believing humanity has one choice.

How the media makes money is by lowering humanities consciousness by an emotional shock. Hypnotizing people to stay tune or the need to return; for example, listen to the background music or noise next time, then take note how the jiggle suspends your thinking. Behavioral science is at work setting the mind up for dialectic. Keeping the mind occupied so that less people become aware of their choices.

Furthermore, and the most important fact is people often forget that the media has no obligation to report the truth. No regulation exists which mandates information must be truthful. Having expert speakers or writers reinforcing the dialectic does not constituent facts. Besides, what is common is the omission of the truth. The solution is outside the dialectic. Remove yourself, by asking yourself what topic is omitted from the public debate.