Discerning the Hegelian Dialectic

DISCERNMENTDiscerning the “Hegelian Dialectic” and you will see the media, news, and movies with a completely new level of understanding. In order to understand the Hegelian Dialectic you must remember the process of the argument. Simply the basis of the theory is the human mind cannot understand anything unless it can be split into two polar opposites, Good – Evil, Right – Wrong, even Coke – Pepsi. Two perceived polar opposites and from these two polar opposites, a solution arises. One side is the problem the opposite side the reaction forming a solution.

How the global elites use the dialectic is they conduct a secret meeting, in politics a meeting behind closed doors, for a national leaders a global summit, or globalist at retreats. To discuss want direction to push humanity; for instance, when the globalist want to go in direction A and direction A is the exact opposite any sane member of society would even think of going, or the vast majority would aggressively resist. The strategic plan is for the global elites do not suggest direction A. Instead, they create a big problem or use a natural event maybe a “terrorist” attack, a “natural” disaster, mass killing, or provoke a riot. The golden rule for globalist is never let a crisis go to waste.

Moreover, an incident the media can cover. The media will embrace the subject intensely all day long, with breaking or headlining news for many days and weeks wanting you to know what it means for our future. We will see opposites debating purposefully to implant a reaction into the population’s psyche to demand a lasting change. Then the globalists under the pretext of our government introduce the solution. The solution just perfectly happens to be direction A, which most of society now very happily accepts, and our thinking has been molded by the weeks of intensely controlled and manipulated media coverage.

Basically, globalist either manufacture a crisis (problem) or take advantage of one already in place in order to get the desired emotional outcry from the public (reaction) whereby the public demands the government to change policies (solution) which has been predetermined from the beginning. The media plays up this problem in order to instigate a reaction (debate) in the public domain on how to tackle it. After every significant crisis, new legislation is introduced or modified that gives more power and control to the globalist. Each new set of laws, bills, or acts purposefully reduce our freedom and privacy. This is the globalist style of the Hegelian Dialectic.

All too often, we fall for argument and sadly, if we do not stop, we will continue to lose our free will and liberties. It has been widely used by our governments and corporations around the world to manipulate you. You could say that in terms of controlling the masses and society in general, its exploitation has been an effective tool in keeping humanity suppressed. How did this all start?

The founder of the dialectic is Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel a 19th century German philosopher who devised a method of argument for resolving disagreements. Then comes along Karl Marx, well educated in the Hegelian dialectic where he disagreed with Hegel’s definition of the actual forces with which the dialectic operated. For Hegel, it was opinions. For Marx, it was economic relationships to the methods of production. Today, for the globalist, it is the Pavlovian conditioning to control humanity.

In order to avoid falling victim to the Hegelian Dialectic from now on you must remember the process involved. Anytime a major problem or issue arises in society think about who will gain or profit from it. Then remove yourself from the equation and take a step back to look at it from a third party perspective. See the so-called “problem”; look at who is reacting, why and in what way. Then look for who is offering up the solution. Consider we have never-ending wars; war on terrorism, war on drugs, and war on cancer, so on so forth. Even so, most of the people do not want the wars in the first place. Therefore, ask yourself who in the minority profits from the wars. At Fringe Truth, we define this minority as the “global elites”. Who are the global elites?

Global Elites NetowrkThe global elites consist of many secret and not so secret societies for example the Skull and Bones (Yale), Free Masons, to the lesser secret groups like Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Club so on and so forth. The elite ruling these secret societies control the monopolies across the globe and most of all you. The vast majority of the global elites live off the fruits of your labor. Moreover, they believe they are genetically superior, smarter, and regard people as slaves. The globalists rig the banking system with the illusions of scarcity to control the resources to keep us in Pavlovian debt in order to manipulate the masses. The global financial system’s purpose is to suspend the human conscience, limit critical thinking skills, promote poverty, and keep humanity in fear, anything to prevent us from thinking for ourselves. These global elites control the economy, the governments, the media, food, oil, health care, legal, and education systems.

When you think of whom these people are you might think of Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, people on Wall Street or any rich person, but these people are poor in comparison to the global elites. We are talking about elite families who have trillions of US dollars. Consider there is nearly one quadrillion US dollars in existence and most of it is owned or controlled by these few elite families. A small set of generational families control the world, as we know it.

However, if we learn to remove ourselves from the dialectic and recognize their schemes before they can steer people in a deceptive direction humanity will increase their knowledge and the truth. When enough people know, what is going on we can expose the global elite’s agenda. If we learn their methods, we can recognize their schemes before they play out – countering the fraud. When enough people know what is going on, their agenda will be foiled simply through exposure. Nonetheless, their operation depends on most of the people being thoroughly deceived for their power comes from deceptive knowledge. To remove ourselves from the dialectic is to recognize the deception. Let us analyze the Hegelian Dialectic.

Problem: Let us start with the problem since that is sole purpose to bring on the solution. First, consider we are lead to believe that there are immoral people wanting to cause a problem. Most applications of the dialectic fall into this category a person(s) did something catastrophic. The global elites like to point fingers to a group of people to blame. Another approach is there is no real problem but the general population is lead to believe that there is a real problem for example, global warming, or alleged weapons of mass destruction. The only requirement is the perception of a problem. Lastly, an event that just happens unexpectedly, the elites already has a story line to exploit. At any rate, any of the above approaches to the problem will take on a life of its own in order to saturate the public mindset. The media will repeat the problem repeatedly.

Reaction: The reaction pulls at our emotional fears, panic, terror, by alarming the public constantly with shocking headlines, plan interruptions, even flashing red color banners to provoke the emotions. Constantly reminding us of the problem to the point that people will accept what they vigorously fought against just a few weeks ago.

Solution: The predetermine solution moves us one-step closer to the global police state of the New World Order. Usually it takes the form of new rules and regulations, which give the global elites more power and control, at the expense of freedom, prosperity, and privacy of the people. The move is a small step towards the totalitarian control. Notice how Congressional Bill or other legislation is already prepared and ready to go, before the problem is even created.


So how do we stop it? We cannot do much about the problem or the solution after the fact. However, the reaction is where we the people participate. All we have to do is stop reacting the way the global elite want us too. Stop playing along with their script. Once we realize that it was all planned out ahead of time, including our reaction in our programmed ignorance, it is easy to stop participating. When enough people become aware, and stop participating in this sinister agenda, the house of cards will come crashing down. Worldwide people are awaking up to the Hegelian Dialectic do not be left behind.