Trump Has the MSM in a Tizzy.

TrumpWatching how the next president is being “selected” is quite entertaining. Trump has the MSM in a tizzy. The MSM is not use to a person telling them – no. Frankly, it is unheard of!

Moreover, the regular Bilderberg attendee Martin Wolf who runs with the “super global elites” insists the Donald Trump must be stopped from winning the presidency.

Let start a list of groups that don’t like Trump.

The political establishment, democrats, republican RINO’s, progressives on both sides of the aisle, illegal’s, MSM, Muslims, overseas political establishment like Britain and EU, also and more importantly the CFR. Bilderberg, and Trilateral Commission. He literally has no support from anyone. Except the most important group of all the PEOPLE.

Watching the presidential election so far this year is very amusing. Watching Trump roll over the establishment and Hillary side stepping questions about her emails. One makes me laugh the other PO’D

My guess is Trump wins Iowa. The reason is the weather. We are having our mid winter thaws; so it is warmer out. Meaning the never participated caucus goers will out come and vote. Bad weather means the diehard voter would vote and the rest stay home. Good weather is good from Trump and Sanders.

What I really get a kick out of is how the MSM uses the First Amendment to control the race. And someone comes along and says – NO! Then the MSM flips it around like Trump is telling them what to do. The debate goes on!

The difference between a freeman and slave is a freeman can say – NO!

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name