The Value of Void

voidThe first number the ancient elites use to count is the Void. The present day symbol is { }. Much difficulty occurs pertaining to the concept and explanation of the value Void; since the Void exists, before that of understanding and knowledge. Therefore, humans simplify rather than explain the concept. Academia reduce of the value Void by striping to an easier term, for instance the Null or to nothingness, then even further strip to the expression to the Empty Set Ø. These definitions effectively strip the free will concepts from the value the Void. Religious scholars in their stripped down state consider the value as “pure consciousness”, the emptied mind, or nothingness.

void1The key concept to grasp is the value of the Void is it exists before understanding and knowledge. Therefore, the best value we can give the Void is it is a pool of free will. Picture engulf in a never-ending ocean of free will before understanding and knowledge takes root. Academia contently strips free will from the definition of the value Void whereas the ancient elites understood the fundamental value includes free will. Take free will from the Void and your left with emptiness.

sun around earthWhat we are interested in is to restore the difficult concepts the ancients elites use to count that include free will. Before the beginning, the Void is free will and the value of the Void { } ancient elites knew. Humans use the counting system 1, 2, 3, 4… to drive science, religion, art, everything to them as the center of all knowledge. The truth is the value of the Void is beyond human understanding. Humans understand in physical deterministic concepts mainly due to the static counting system and then from this static counting system develop a changing reference system. Rather than starting with the changing reference system that collapses to the static system. The Void opens up the mind to an ever-changing system of reality.

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name