The Real You

math3From birth, you are groomed to believe the Straw Man, a false numerical persona of you is the real you. From this persona, a modern technical extension of the Straw Man materializes bent on predictable behavior, a Digital Man the elites use to control your choices. Subsequently, years of predictable conditioning that aim to induce fear and self-serving behavior.

Most people have the notion not me, I am my own person, and I make my own choices. I am smart enough that no media tells me what to do; therefore, I am not a Pavlov Human conditioned to drool like a dog to a ringing bell. If you believe you have not gone under of predictable programming then grant an analysis to prove this. Fair warning your beliefs are about to be shattered completing the psychoanalysis below.

religion2Let us begin with education system at the early age where we first learn about the solar system. We all have as a child grown up with some sort of lesson plan drawing or reading about the solar system. Where we memorize the order of the planets, how big and smaller each planet is and how they rotate around the sun; consequently, years of continual conditioning of how Earth moves through space and time. Each person pictures the conditioning in your mind feeling safe as how our solar system interacts.

Now consider the short video below – watch the video then continue reading.

It is cool as well as shocking to some that the wheel stays in an upright position. The conditioning is a play on words, rotation, and vortex. Amazingly, the wheel defies gravity and does not fall. Nevertheless, what does this have to do with the solar system? Moving onto the next video.

Now consider the next short video – watch the video then continue reading.

Notice that the sun is also moving thru space and time with the planets moving around the sun like the wheel did in the previous video. Instead of the planets rotating in a clockwise motion around the sun, as we are condition to believe, the planets move in like an up and over motion, while the planets fall towards the sun, as the sun moves away. What we are taught in school is true but not the full truth.

The elites did not lie, merely withheld the full truth, and that is how they control your behavior. Instructing people to a partial truth as if it is the full truth. This one example is one of thousands of examples of the full truth the elites withhold from humanity. The nuts of it is all most everything you belief is not the full truth. The drawing of the planets circling the sun you did in school is not wrong but that is all the elites want you to believe. It is much easier to control humans without the critical thinking skills. Otherwise, people would then pose too many awkward questions.

religionConsider everything you know and the truth. Now the real shocker! Religion is the same. Not just science. All forms of religion not just Christians, evolution, climate change, or atheists. All are just as easy to control ones behavior. We are not saying you’re belief is wrong just like the image of planets rotating around the sun is not wrong but we are saying that is not the full truth. Since people do not have, the full truth humans are easy to control by the means of science and religion.

We are not saying that your religion is false what we are saying is that humanity is not getting the whole truth. We will use the Christians belief as a model for two reasons. Firstly, we are much more familiar with the religion secondly; the religion has a proven path of success.

Since most do not understanding the full truth version of Christianity, the elites are able to control that religion.

The elites want is for you not do discover what will coin as the Spiritual HuMan – the real you. The real you that is not bound to the Straw Man and Digital Man. The elites must control religion so that people arrive at conditional truth never to surpass it.

religion3However, humans are not born into the world as a spiritual being. You are born with the potential of becoming a spiritual being. Humans must freely ask to become a spiritual being.

What is a spiritual being? Basically, a being that no longer requires or allows mental intelligence to guide them but spiritual intelligence. Simple you no longer think with your head you think with your heart; really actually thinking with your heart. See thinking with your head is like your understanding through the image of the solar system. Through your whole life, you are control to think with your head. Thinking with your head, you fall short of the complete understanding of the universe.

Thinking with your spirit, you become a person like the last video of how the sun and planets move through space. Thinking with your spirit, you grow as a Spiritual HuMan.

First thing to understand that knowledge is stored in your blood not your brain. Your brain interacts with your blood. This understanding is like the first video. We are lead to believe that the wheel should fall straight down even when spinning likewise we are lead to believe at the brain stores information. The information is stored in your blood. Once realizing this then you can move onto the next truth that your whole being thinks.

The proven path begins as all born again Christians begin. Freely asking Christ into your heart. Something with the blood there too. You made the free will choice but now you get the image of solar system version of Christ. A version where it is easy for the elites to control your behavior. Let us state this again, it is not a wrong version. However, it is not the full version. Not wrong but not the full truth. We will spend time developing posts to help people to grow your spirit.

religion4Do the full version of asking Christ into your heart with spiritual full version. What you will find is that the Kingdom of Heaven is not something to look forward to but it is forever present. The Kingdom of God is the last video of how things really move.

Suppose we rocked the boat of truth enough for now. The truth is out there and it is not for a single person to show you the truth but for you to grow into the truth. That means you must build the temple that is your whole person. Renew the Spiritual HuMan within you. Spiritual intelligence is both inward and outward thinking.

The Straw man and Digital Man are not the real you. The real you is the spirit being God intended you to be. Ask for it and move into that being. Or, renew it and move into that being.

To help with your journey read the Gospel of Thomas.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name