Summary of the Affordable Care Act Conspiracy.

Affordable Care Act ComspiracyMost people think the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) or commonly called the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or “ObamaCare” is pertaining to health care. It is not, the true reason for the ACA is for the global elites to recover the funds lost as a result of the Social Security Act (SSA). In order to link the PPACA to the SSA we must first understand the true purpose of the SSA.

At the beginning, the true intention of the SSA was to provide the central bankers a trust fund to do as they please. Ideally, so working people would never miss the funds. The gimmick goes as follows; you pay into a trust fund until a retirement age. However, your belief is all this money sent to the government will someday be withdrawn. The truth is most people will not reach the age to withdraw. Numbers clearly show the devious objective. The plan is for most people to pay into the Social Security Trust Fund never to draw from the funds leaving the remainder to the elites.

Conceptually we consider the original plan that is the average life expectancy of a man at 58 years old and a woman at 62 years old where the eligible age to withdraw is 65 years old. From these dates, we notice that a man was to past away seven years before he was able to draw from the trust fund and a woman three years. Nowadays the Social Security department denies the intent but their hope is you are not any good at mathematics, in particular an actuary. Nonetheless, we can easily calculate the initial intent that most people die before they draw from the funds.

Note as the life expectancy increases the Social Security Trust Fund decreases. Today the trust fund holds around 8 trillion dollars all spent by the globalist to cover the deficit. If things went accord to plan that is life expectancy leveled at 63 and the eligibility age remain 65; today the trust fund would hold approximately 22 to 25 trillion dollars (area above the curve). More than enough to cover the deficit, another underlining truth is the Social Security Trust Fund was to mask the deficit borrowing, and did for a time.

ponziTo recap, the SSA was to create a fund to mask the global elite’s Ponzi scheme however; the life expectancy of the people grew shrinking the fund bring what appears to be a financial crisis. Therefore, the global elites found it necessary to devise a solution before the Social Security Trust Fund runs out of funds and the fraud collapses. The objective of the global elite’s solution is to control life expectancy and outright recover the lost funds.

The ACA conceals both goals. To recover the funds the elites introduce a mandatory tax that each person pays to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also set up Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) to control life expectancy. Doing both will stabilize the initial plan, which masks the Ponzi scheme of fiat money and steal your true wealth.

The 15-member IPAB board function is to cap the outgoing Social Security Trust Funds, which in turn will represent eligibility dates for certain critical medical testing. Be aware of the play on words, to refute the notion the board does not “deny” access by saying you are “not eligible” for the tests. For instance, you may have symptoms at the age 49 but not eligible for the medical test until 50 therefore we (the board) did not deny access. Waiting for the testing shortens your life expectancy. However, there is no immediate need for the board since the poor phasing in of the ACA curves of life expectancy downward.

What the ACA really amounts to is the global elite’s version to renovate the SSA. The next 30 years will be interesting for those that live long enough to track life expectancy. Perhaps, the global elites will come up with some major event to reduce life expectancy to mask their true intensions.

The Affordable Care Act Conspiracy is just something to think about, the global elites would never be so syndical or would they?