Sacred – Hidden – Ancient Knowledge Exposed – Part 2

sacred geometryWe continue the conversations concerning Sacred – Hidden – Ancient Knowledge Exposed. The hard part about revealing ancient knowledge is deciding where to begin. After pondering this for a bit, then discovering it really does not matter, we will jump right into the thick of it. The secret to gain insight into hidden knowledge is to know we live in a real number “plane”. Let us be direct, we do not solely exist in a deterministic number line that is the real number line. We live in a plane of possibilities.

The fact is we need to realize numbers exist as a “plane” not only as a “line”. Pick up a piece of paper; next inspect the edge of the paper. The edge represents what a the number line looks like. Now, turn the paper up to realize we have a plane of numbers extending in all directions beyond the edges.

number planeMost, if now all, people can recall that one day in math class, when the math teacher got in front of class, saying. “Today we are going to learn about complex numbers”. What the math teacher should say is today we will learn how to expand the real number line into a plane of numbers. Before throwing words and symbols around that make no sense; like imagery numbers.

The realization of knowing the duality nature of humanity cannot be understood unless you understand we live in a number plane. It is a terrible evil to humanity to restrict their understand of how things work by using just the real number line. The use of the real number line is a deterministic point of view of reality, leaving you completely unaware of a plane of choices you have as a person.

Let us get our heads on straight by first understanding what you really need to appreciate about complex numbers. First, drop the word imagery number from your understanding of complex numbers. The number is not imagery but abstract. Science can only measure concrete evidence on the real number line. An rationalization is in order. Perhaps the most important physical law is the conservation of energy that is energy can never be created or destroyed. Energy can only transfer from one form of energy to another form energy.

In science, the complex number has a real component that we can measure and an abstract component we cannot measure and imagine it exists. Subsequently, the scientist changes the parameters of the experiment to make the once abstract component concrete. Meaning the scientist flip-flops the once abstract to concrete and the once concrete to abstract. The point is we can only measure experimental results on the real number line. The following video is a good review how we use numbers in mathematics.

schrodinger equationLet us say we start an wave particle experiment with 29 Joules (J). We measure one side of the wires with a result of 5 J on the real number line and 2i J on the abstract plane of numbers. As we can easily determine (5+2i) J does not equal 29 J. However, if we measure the other wire we find once again 5 J and the abstract value of -2i J. We cannot measure both wires simultaneously due to the wave function collapsing. The combination that is to multiply the two results we find (5+2i)(5-2i) J equals 25+10i-10i-4i^2. Flashing back we find the value of i^2 equals -1. Therefore, the equation has the result of 25+4= 29 Joules. The conservation of energy holds true. The same energy levels as we started with. The simple example is how the number plane is used in science.

the plane of numbersAnother place to use the number plane is to understand metaphysics; where it is essential we realize the real number line is deterministic. No free will is allowed on the deterministic line of reality. Outside the real number line is the plane of numbers, the free will choice numbers. The hidden knowledge is humanity can move freely around a plane of realities. Humanity is not lock into a predetermine set of results nor are you. For this reason, the enemy hides this truth from you. If you really understood, how complex numbers allows unfettered knowledge, the enemy would have no control over your activities. In addition, you would see how weak the enemy really is. In this case, we define the enemy as those you want to control you.

The purpose of this post is to introduce the number plane by making you aware of the hidden knowledge available to you when you consider all information. Additionally the main point is reality exists on a plane not on a predetermine line. Science embraces the plane of numbers experimental however, forbids it knowledge everywhere else. Furthermore, consider the plane of numbers when you gaze at sacred geometry. You now know the plane of numbers extend in and out of the geometric shape.

in and outMore ancient knowledge to come.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name