Plant X – Three Body Problem

warm-subterran-exoplanetThe assumption most researchers have is the newly discovered Planet X is the ninth planet Nibiru (odd how once I get the nerve to post my theories on Nibiru NASA announced a ninth planet). Which most people are saying is Planet X or Nibiru. So we will let those people define Planet X as Nibiru and the ninth planet as a new planet. The point is the newly discovered ninth planet is not the object I discuss.

Niburi has roughly a 3600 year orbit around three star systems. Nibiru is not exclusive to our Sun. The three body problem orbit is not unique to Nibiru. Another exoplanet orbits around two different stars and one star that lies in the Nibiru orbital system. We have five star systems two exoplanets each orbiting three star systems and one star system mutual to each exoplanet.

Science as a whole heads into the direction to simply things; however, nature is not that simply. It is rather complex to humanity. Once again it falls back to that humanity believes they are the center of all knowledge. So all knowledge derives from an Earthly perspective. Even to think that a exoplanet (or a similar object) can travel to another star systems is beyond earthly reason. Only science fiction space ships can travel from star system to star system. That is what we are led to believe.

The importance for people to understand how an object like an exoplanet can interact with other star systems is critical for the understanding how life can expand throughout universe. Currently science defines that each star systems must independently develop life. Most of the scientific theories develop life spontaneously from matter and for this reason somehow the rocks on Earth just started to think and multiply. That is what science wants you to believe. Or the discipline of science want you to believe that some magical stardust began life.

The theory I purpose is that exoplanets (we will use that name for now) orbit star systems and that life is seeded throughout the universe in this manner. And yes I am inferring that life exists on the orbiting exoplanets. The point is the one exoplanet (Nibiru) has direct contact with three star systems and indirectly with two other star systems.

Hint: Ancient Knowledge is Universal Knowledge. Applying earthly knowledge does not make it universal.

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name