Planet X – 3600 Year Cycle (FT-0001)

Let’s think about something I have read. That a planet, let us call it exoplanet FT-0001 has an orbit of 3600 years. Setting aside all what if’s; 3600 years is a long time. Warning: some math below (do not freak out). It is necessary for a discovery.

Consider this thought experiment. The closest star is Alpha Centauri about 4.4 light years away. Alpha Centauri is really three stars in close proximity to each other. Let use these facts. FT-0001 has 3600 years for complete cycle and 8.8 light years for light to complete cycle. Granted it is more involve but we want it simple for now.

Let us convert light years into something we are more familiar. Light travels 5,878,499,810,000 miles a year. 5.8 trillion miles per year; therefore, 51.7 trillion miles round trip to Alpha Centauri (national debt range of numbers). Now, divide by 3600 we get 14.4 billion miles per year. For this thought experiment 14.4 billion miles per year is how many miles FT-0001 travels a year.

The question is how fast does FT-0001 need to travel to match the 14.4 billion miles per year. We have miles, so change years into hours, so we have miles per hour. Well we have 8760 hours per year; so, again we divide, and arrive at 1.64 million miles per hour. Therefore, FT-0001 needs to travel 1.64 million mph to match the distance it needs to travel per year to loop around Alpha Centauri.

We find that the speed of light is 670.6 million mph. Divide speed of light, by planet miles per hour, we have a ratio of about 409. Therefore, FT-0001 can travel 409 times slower that the speed of light to achieve its goal to loop around Alpha Centauri. Point here is FT-0001 does not need to travel 1/2 the speed of light. Exoplanet FT-0001 can travel 1/409 the speed of light and arrive at the next star system.

See table below to compare speeds. Yes, the Sun moves through space too. It is not just sitting there looking all pretty.


Some points I am trying to make is that you do not need to travel at the speed of light to get to the next star.

FT-0001 speed is more attainable than an object traveling at the speed of light.

FT-0001 is more like an exoplanet looping around other stars than behaving as a comet.

Life can travel from star system to star system in this manner; meaning you do not need to create life exclusively from scratch on Earth.

Secondly there is no rule that FT-0001 can only travel to one star system. That means Planet X does not have to have just an elliptical orbit. FT-0001 can travel to star system A, then to star system B, then star system C, finally back to star system A. Just as easily as looping between two star systems.

Note: I am not saying that FT-0001 loops around Alpha Centauri. Alpha Centauri is an example star system. However, I am saying that FT-0001 loops around a star system.

Just some food for thought for those that are looking for FT-0001. Hint: FT-0001 does not have an ecliptic orbit.

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name