Origin of 24 hour day

What we are getting at is the current standard of measures for time and length are bound to Earth. Furthermore, we purpose there exist a universal standard of measures hidden from humanity.

We show that the current standard of time and length are strictly bound to the physical formation of planet Earth. Meaning if Earth was larger or smaller the standard measure of a meter would be larger or smaller. If the revolution of the Earth around the Sun was shorter or longer the definition of the second would be shorter or longer. Simply the meter and time would scale differently. We would still call them the meter and second; however, at the atomic scale each would have a different value. For example, if the meter was longer meaning the earth’s diameter was slightly bigger. The 1960 definition of the meter would be something like the hyperfine atomic transition; 15600001.01 wavelengths of light instead of the current 1650763.73 from a specified transition in Krypton-86. Earthly Knowledge would still state the length as one meter.

From another point of view, we can think of in terms of a yard and meter. Both measure length, however, the meter is a measure of a fraction of the speed of light in seconds. Where the yard cannot! Consider the origins of the yard. It is based on the physical characters of a human body and it falls short to describe all of science. Now consider the origins of the meter it is based on the physical characters of the planet. Nonetheless, the meter falls short to describe the theory of everything but it does move humanity forward. The second and meter nicely describe science as the Earth being the center of all knowledge. But the difficulties humanity currently have is that knowledge as we know it is restricted to Earth. Humanity projects this knowledge in all directions from deep space, to the very small objects, from living and nonliving mass.

We have a mission before us; how to define universal time and length. Therefore let us step into the unknown. Where to begin? The best place to start is on a different planet. Asking the question how would time and length be defined if it did not know of Earth’s second and meter. Consider if human life began on Mars instead of Earth. What would the standard length and time become? Let us mimic the exact same methods we used to discover the second and meter on Earth. In an attempt to understand universal measures.

We begin with time. Earth’s sidereal day is 23h 56m and 4.0916s and the solar day is 24h 00m and 00.002s. Using Earthly Knowledge the Martian sidereal day is 24h 27m and 22.993s and the solar day is 24h 40m and 35.244s.

Setting up the problem; what would the solar day be if Martian Knowledge was the center of all knowledge. We need to ask where did Earth’s solar day come from and why 24 hours. Then use the exact same method to solve for Martian day in hours. We see that solar day on Mars is really close to the solar day on Earth. The most logical thing to do is split the Martian day into 24 hours. However, before we can do this we must understand why Earth has 24 hours per day. Where did we come to an understanding that 24 hours per day is the correct dissimilation of an Earth day? If we know how we got 24 hours in a day we could use the same principle to define how many hours in a day on Mars.

Well, you would be surprised to find out that no one really knows. Nothing experimentally in science dictates a 24 hour day. It is a “guess – by golly it worked” approach to time. Nothing concrete determines that an Earth day must be 24 hours. Nothing! We must go back! Let us explain.

Before the Egyptians, Mesopotamians and Sumerians time was an abstract concept. The belief was time did not exist! You cannot grab a hand full of time and show it to someone. Moreover, it was considered magic! Nevertheless, if we contemplate the Ancient Egyptian perception of time as a divine element. Think about fire as an element and the process of discovery. Fire is something we can see. Time is invisible! Many movies show primate man freaking out over the concept of fire. Imagine how people thought of time. Moreover, the time represented a mystical concept that was deeply embedded in Ancient Egyptian spiritual beliefs. Unlike today where science and religion are at odds. Today time controls most of our human activities, work, play, rest, and never-ending schedules dictate how we behave every day. One of those pill moments!

Cutting the chase, the 24 hour day is a derivative of Egyptian astrology. Decans appear to have provided the basis for the division of the day into 24 hours. What transpires is the Ancient Egyptians fused science, magic, and religion into an integrated spiritual beliefs system where geometry, astronomy, and philosophical orderliness motivated the need for a measure of time. Each system having a direct influence on the acceptance of a 24 hour day. Therefore to develop a working clock for Mars we will need to know the star maps that orbit the planet. Yes! When we use the 24 hour day we practice astrology.

Briefly, the Ancient Egyptians integrated two systems a daytime system consisting of sundial for 10 hours of daylight, one hour for dusk another hour for dawn. At night time system consisting of astrology system of Decans which is a sidereal star clock. The Ancient text the “Book of Nut” goes in detail the workings of the Decans, planets, moon, and stars. Decans became the measure of time and the foundation of a 24 hour day. Upsetting as it may be, the 24 hour day is founded on both science and religion as co-operators.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name