Nibiru – White Dwarf Star Paths

We continue the search for potential Nibiru Orbital Paths.

Table 6 shows eight white dwarf stars less than 21 light years from the Sun.

List of Nearby White Dwarf Stars

White Dwarf Stars

    Table 6: Nearby White Dwarf Stars

A white dwarf star makes good sense because the energy we will require for a rogue planet to maintain a star to star orbit is present. To grasp an understanding of how the orbit will work is think of an old-school roller coaster ride. On a roller coaster, energy changes from potential to kinetic energy and back again many times over the course of a ride. When we arrive at the top of the very first hill we have all the necessary energy for the entire ride. As we move along the ride, up and down the smaller hills we transfer potential and kinetic energy provided by the first hill. Once we finish the ride we need more energy to once again pull us back up the hill and go for another ride. A white dwarf star provides such energy. A white dwarf star not only provides the initial energy but also enough energy to start the motion all over again. Below we show an image of the eight nearest white dwarf stars.

Image of Nearby White Dwarf Stars

Eight White Dwarf Star Locations

    Image 2: Nearby White Dwarf Stars

The image is a two-dimensional view. We show the XZ directions rather than the XY direction. Where the positive Z direction is the galactic north. The positive X direction is toward the center of the Milky Way. We find from the Ancient Sumerian text that Nibiru arrives from the galactic south; therefore, only white dwarf stars below the Sun are potential candidates for Nibiru. We are now left with five potential white dwarf stars. Five beginning points for the rogue planet’s ride around the stars. Note that the ride is more than just a star to star orbit. We may have more little hills on the ride that is more than just a two-star orbit. It is more likely that the rogue planet travels past a few stars on its journey. Each star along the journey making coarse adjustments.

List of Five White Dwarf Stars

Five White Dwarf Stars

    Table 7: Five Nearby White Dwarf Stars

Showing the five remaining white dwarf stars,

Southern Five Nearby White Dwarf Stars

Five Stars

    Image 3: Image of Southern Five Nearby White Dwarf Stars

The next post we will also narrow the choice to Van Maanen’s Star since it has the most southern star to star path. Van Maanen’s Star is found in the constellation Pisces. Pisces name is the Latin plural for fish. It lies between Aquarius to the west and Aries to the east. According to the constellation boundaries, as defined by the International Astronomical Union, the Age of Pisces started in 68 B.C. and the Age of Aquarius will begin in 2597. We currently are in the Age of Pisces. So it seems fitting to choice Van Maanen’s Star.


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