Nibiru – Life Off World

For this episode Nibiru – Life Off World.

We take steps to prove the question: what if aliens did arrive on Earth on Nibiru?

The first step is can humans live off world. Therefore, if we can live off world so can aliens.

We find that direct sunlight is not necessary for life. Hence, living underground is more advantageous.

The video highlights that humans are locked into thinking that prevents humans from exploring nearby planets and moons.

Many more videos are in the works such and life spans of humans. The theory that life spread throughout the universe on rogue planets.
How the evolutionary myths lead humanity into wrong thinking about how life spreads.

For now, we must build a foundation of videos to draw from before we get into details.

Below are articles on rogue planets.

Also, note that the X is actually the letter “chi” meaning archive.

Fate of scatter planets
Habitable rogue planet
Planets unbound to stars


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