New Conspiracy Topics to Watch

The purpose of this page to present a preview of new conspiracy theories to watch and follow:

Afforable Care ActA Grand Conspiracy Theory to watch taking place over the next several years is the Affordable Care Act. The conspiracy theory is the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has nothing to do with health. It is a financial plan devise by the globalist to recovery the funds the global elites feel they lost during the Social Security Act (SSA). The real purposes for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to level off then reduce the life expectances of American citizens. Many conspiracy theorists understand the SSA sinister plan. However, most are unaware ties between the ACA and SSA. In essence, the SSA conspiracy theory is to never to pay out the funds as they do today because you were to past away before you would be able to collect. The ACA is the plan to recoup these funds thru the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) there is even talk of making this board independent from the government just like the Federal Reserve.

flying carrierAnother fun conspiracy to watch play out over the next couple of years is the DARPA flying fortress. The flying fortress like in the movie Avengers already exist. Frankly, a flying fortress like the one in the movie is old technology. Picture the Hindenburg technology but modernized with a flat top to land and launch drone crafts (Note there is no rule that states blimps must be round). Watch this technology phase into mainstream media in a few years. Perhaps, unidentified flying objects that looks like a scary alien mother ship (blimp) with many drones flying around it.

Sun  Science is in major debate about the Sun. Recent understanding shows that the Sun and stars are giant balls of liquid. Not giant balls of gas we are lead to believe. Watch how science changes the evolution of stars however neglect Plank’s equation (Big Bang theories). The discovery of the sun being a ball of liquid really mess with astrophysics.

Climate Change trend shows a flat or minimal decrease over the next few years however the temperature will once again be on the rise in 5 years. According to the set of equations, the global elite use to manage the masses. Watch the “we told you so” media blitz. Note the increase in temperature is within baseline temperatures and predictable. The importance to note is Climate Change trends are predictable.

Just a few conspiracy topics for now…look for more details in up and coming posts.


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