Measuring and Adherence

Measuring Adherence

sticksOn a yard stick the distance between 2 inches and 3 inches is just as important and the distance between 30 inches and 31 inches; likewise, no one law is more important than any other law. All must be equally enforce and adhere too. Once you change the distance to fit a desire, then the measurement system collapses. We can no longer measure accurately. We have garbage in; consequently, we have garbage out. President Obama enforcement is garbage in. He picks which laws to enforce; disregards or ignores some, shortens and/or lengthens others, all to fit a world view contrary to the measurement system. As any president’s oath to office is to enforce all laws equally.

The truth is America is guided by false data. We cannot measure until we adhere to the measurement system. No one is above the measurement system. How to put this country on the right track is to enforce all laws good and bad to determine the direction this country is headed. Unfortunately that is not as good as it sound either since we make new laws to enforce laws that should of been enforce all along.

Basically, what will happen is each and every person should turn themselves in to go to jail because if all the laws were enforced every person will discover they committed some crime. What should happen is all laws will be enforced to measure the system accurately with no punishment to stupid rules. Terrible crimes enforce and punish but a crime like back burning acreage to prevent the rest of the ranch from burning and serving five years for it is just nuts. But this is just one case out of ten of thousands.


What is the most important thing to get anything back on track? Answer: Adherence is the most important thing, without it you cannot measure. If you cannot measure you have no way of knowing which direction your are heading.

What is wrong with the country is very simple. Washington D.C. and the establishment elites do not know how to measure therefore cannot lead. I am not talk about yard or meter type of measurement system but laws. I am taking about the application itself. Those in power pick and choice which laws to follow and enforce. On the surface that may seem okay; since that is all we were taught in school.

When we were is school we were given a rule most likely the ruler had twelve inches on it and marks representing the inches and we drew with this rule later is our schooling we learn to measure with the ruler. Each student had identical rulers so that each student can measure exactly the same method and come up with the same answers. The point is this the system of measurement did not change to fit the student.

Everything around us has a measurement system of some sort. House rules as a child, traffic rules, working rules, everywhere we turn we have rules. These rules or laws is a form of measurement. What the president does to expand his false dichotomy of truth is cherry pick which inch (laws) he wants to enforce on the ruler. Like which law he wants to enforce changing the length of the foot. Some inches he just deletes, others he stretches and others he just uses a pen and phone to add to the yard stick.

The point is you must adhere to the measurement system in order to measure. You do not get to pick and choice which of the inches in the yard stick do you keep. Adherence is the most important when it comes to measure. That goes for any system when science, economics, politics, industry, so on and so forth. Changing the length of the yard stick to what you want, then compare it to other data, and say the polls say this, or the result tell us this. All information is untrue. It is garbage in. The result is garbage out.

hillary4The president’s plan for gun control is garbage in; therefore, the results is garbage out. The president enforces only laws that he fills helps the narrative. He does not enforce all the laws. The results the president statements are false (garbage out). Now if the president enforce all the laws then he would have a case but he does not. He does not adhere to all the laws only the ones of his choosing.

All the data the government shows the people is crap. From all directions, good or bad, it is meaningless since all the laws are not enforced. For this reason we have a lawless president; he does not adhere to the measurements.

His common sense is not so common. He assume the data is correct which is impossible to know if it is correct since he does not adhere to the measurement. He picks and choices which laws to in enforce. It is like I am only going to use the first inch on the yard stick, skip the second inch because I rather not enforce it. Keep the next few inches, drop several more, and then final with his pen and phone, add to the length of the yard stick to fill in the gaps of his lawless enforcement.

Adherence it the most important thing to measure results.

The president only enforces laws he fills he needs to enforce like he has a choice to which ones to enforce. The president does not have the liberty to pick and choice; he is to enforce all laws equally. All inches on the yard stick are equal; none larger or smaller than the one next to it.

The most important thing to fix anything is adherence to the measurement system. Imagine if every person building anything had their own measurement system. The person yard stick next to you is twice a short as yours and the person on the other side of you had a yard stick twice as long as yours. All heading to the construction vendor to order materials. Each order ten of your yard stick. And of course the construction company having a yard stick four times the length of anyone’s. You would have a mess on your hands, if measurements were not standard, moreover adhere too. See we get the standardize part of measurement but the adherence part most people forget about. They just take it for granted that we all use the same standard measurement.


It is very simple – if you cannot measure it is impossible lead (Think about it!). How do you know where you are going if you cannot measure where you are at? What people like the president are attempting to do is destroy the measurement system; so people come to a conclusion the measurement system is broke. Moreover, come to the conclusion that we need a new one. Rather than adhere to the measurement system and project strength in our system.

What the elites are attempting to do is to destroy the Constitution. Confuse the mass into believing that our form of government needs to change. Heck most people think the United States of America is a democracy – it is not. It is a Republic. Look up for yourself the difference – just Google search difference between republic vs. democracy.

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic…” Wait republic not democracy for which it stands.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

It is good for all Americans to know the difference between republic and democracy.

Enough on this topic for today.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name