We found numerical values have meaning. The meaning determines how we will apply the math. Briefly, each numerical value written in a textbook has a meaning. However, most mathematical textbooks drop the meaning. Why? The reason is straight forward the publishers of the textbooks are saving ink. Imagine how thick the textbook would be if all the necessary information is included. How expensive is the textbook. Math textbooks are written to cut cost moreover enable schools to fit into a budget. Cutting cost is one of the several reasons mathematics seems difficult to grasp.

There are thousands of meanings to describe the values in the world; also, every country uses the Standard International base units or SI base units. However, each country also uses national units; for example, the United States uses United States customary units1. China has national units2, most countries in the world use some type of national units. Nonetheless, all countries use the seven base quantities otherwise known as the SI base units. We will use the SI base units at this site to demonstrate how to derive the math formulas and equations.