Infinitesimal Logic

Let us discuss the failure of Infinitesimal Logic.  Infinitesimal Logic is the measurable phenomenon where one cause is the effect of another.  This presumable axiom of causality is used as the foundational cornerstone for Infinitesimal Logic, if the cause is known, then theoretically all effects can be known and then predicted.  Causality by definition is a purely linear system consequently can be thought of as duality system of predictability.  Every cause is the effect of another preceding it; extrapolating forever into the past or predictable future.  Moreover, by the definition causality has neither a beginning or ending.

The Fringe Truth is Infinitesimal Logic is finite; it begins and ends with choice.  Freewill choice is the only true cause, all is purely effect therefore a freewill choice is both beginning and ending.  The causality effects for Infinitesimal Logic merely facilitate freewill choice by creating consequences from choices.  From a Quantum Logic standpoint, choice arises when indeterminate quantum states are made definite by the wave-collapsing ability of consciousness.

Without numerous choices, there is just causality.  When humans perceive only one choice or one effect, they become a passive link in a chain initiated by someone or something else.  Consequently, humanity has become a programmable predicable subject, entering action and reaction causality as input and output effects, having causal chain of foreseeable events.   Humans are in a causal paradox, they cannot change what they cannot see, because without seeing they cannot choose.  For that reason, the more knowledge and understanding humans have, the more genuine choices they see, and the greater humans roles become as a cause rather than effect.  Which opposes absolute power is applied knowledge and understanding thus it is a lack of knowledge that places humans under the influence of causality.

Humanities fate is the causal consequence of choices made outside their realm of linear time.  Because humans do not see their fate, they cannot – or more accurately, they do not – change it.  Therefore, humans become a passive link in the chain of causality created by elitist humans and their sophisticated belief in infinitesimal logic.  Those with absolute power desire predicable subjects.

Humanity is caught in an infinite loop of causality; history repeats itself – like replaying a game.  Things of a game are real only within the game.  Like any game, human’s reality exists because we consensually create it by setting rules and limitations to define the nature of our mutual interactions.  Nonetheless, all mathematical equations include a hidden variable representing a potential influence of freewill.  In spite of this, freewill is absent in cases where rules are followed, this variable is often remains silent.  Yet, it represents an exit from the game, a choice from social programming, or a outlet to break the rules, and become an anomaly.

Because the mathematics of a game is accurate and real only within the game, those who take choices delineated by its rules become predictable, and easily controlled by those who know the mathematics, the ‘why’ of an effect.  It is this knowledge that allows manipulators to see therefore strategically deny others choices; when denied the wealth of choice, people become passive elements in the casual chain initiated by those with power.  For that reason, what humans don’t see is control, what they do see is the causality effects throughout the planet. So, humans are naively trading freedom for security as well as they will become enslaved; they are sold on the idea of security, engineered to perpetuate control within the rules of the game.  Many are giving their freewill to a surrogate “chooser”, thereby becoming a passive link in a causal chain of events initiated by the “chooser”.  A causal chain is ruled by a precise mathematics: doing “x” to affect “y”; there is no risk when the outcome is certain.  Hence, humans are given an illusion of change for the sense of security.  The price is “x” security for “y” enslavement.

Linear time defined by Infinitesimal Logic is an illusion.  Real time is a variable and selective, meaning causal chains from beginning to end can be instantly inserted or removed at the command of freewill.  It is the cumulative recording of the “last” sequence of events that generates the illusion of continuity.  The intervals of time between elements of a linear causal chain are imaginary; when the first domino is pushed, the last might as well have already fallen.  Time only increments in intervals differentiate by freewill choices.

In conclusion, without a doubt humanity is stuck.  Stuck in a continues loop of causality dependant on elitist humans intellectual effects; rather than making the freewill choice towards a pure spiritual awareness – not religious.   The solution is a Quantum Logic approach to humanities state of affairs and so collapsing human’s currents state of consciousness.  Humanity can insert the freewill choice of spiritual awareness to solve humanities current state of affairs.

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