Indictments Coming

benWill Hillary be indicted? Not sure, but I will say this, it will not just be one indictment. Think around thirty indictments will come out of this investigation. Perhaps more, but the point is it not just her the FBI is investigating. It is the whole deal. I imagine several people from the foundation, her closest staff, white house officials, even a congress person or two will be indicted.

Will the Department of Justice okay the indictments? Think of Watergate. Sixty nine indictments were issued and of these forty five found guilt. Even the John N. Mitchell, USA attorney General that resigned prior to the scandal was indicted and served nineteen months. Also, Richard Kleindienst the attorney general in office was convicted of not answer questions and served time. Moreover, President Nixon was not indicted. He resign then pardoned. Point is Loretta Lynch is the Attorney General. Frankly, I see her being indicted if she does not okay it.

The Obama administration should take note. Nixon claims he never knew about the break in. Most scholars believe this to be true including the prosecutor. It was Nixon’s reaction and statement “who was the asshole did that” that convince most that he did not know. Nonetheless, he was held accountable and resigned.

Will Obama’s support for Clinton be his downfall? He is clueless to what she was actually doing as Secretary of State. The only information available is whatever the State Department said she was doing. No emails to back it up! No way to truly validate her activities.

What do we assume? We assume that the server holds emails from the Clinton Foundation and those are the emails considered private. Private! Since, the Clinton Foundation is separate from the State Department. She is not lying. However, she was running a dual purpose server. One path that served the State Department and another that served Private needs. Foundational Needs! Global deals!

Half the emails Hillary sent to the State Department (after an Benghazi investigation reveals a private server) are for what? Think! 50% of the time she is doing something other than State Department business on the server.

Well enough of this, in three months time, hopefully much sooner, and if Obama was smart it would be tomorrow. We will see indictments coming.

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name