Human Dichotomy

religion3God existed before understanding and knowledge. Before the big bang or creation; that is what people need to realize when I talk about God. I am not talking about a sky god or demigod. Anything less than God is what I call BBOPP’s. BBOPP are Beings Beyond Our Perceive Perception, could be angels and demons, aliens, anything that some might have contact with or seen and most others have not seen. I group them all together to avoid the confusion and arguments. Like demons are really aliens or aliens are demons, it does not matter to me. Bad and Good BBOPP is easier for me to group. And for my part ALL can leave humanity alone.

BBOPPs believe in God too. BBOPP have the spiritual understanding that humans lack. Humans lack the understand not by our fault but our DNA was manipulated so that our spirit is missing. Basically, it is shut off. Read up on DNA manipulation that science has already done. Humans are not far from doing crazy things to DNA themselves.

How the BBOPP get away with the manipulation is free will. You have an out but it is difficult to overcome. You can freely ask for your spirit to take control of your life. But that only begins the difficult path. Spirit lives in your heart not your head. After time, you begin to realize that your heart “thinks” too. Better than your head thinking. Ever have that gut feeling? Moreover, do not confusion religion with spirit. Frankly, most religions are put in place to hijack your mind and soul so your spirit never is given a chance.

Humanity is stuck on things originating from your head (thoughts). That is things like soul, conscience, intelligence so on. Spirit does not originate from the head. Think of it this way when you ask and grow your spirit you develop into a completely different species of human.

There are two paths for humanity. The above approach and then the humanistic approach called transhumanism. Where machines support the physical approach to a new human species; simply putting chips inside you. You can read up on transhumanism technology and discover it is true science plans to put chips in humans. Borg technology is not that far into the future.

Anyways just some thoughts.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name