How to remove yourself from the globalist Hegelian Dialectic

SurvivalHow to remove yourself from the globalist Hegelian Dialectic is not participating in their agenda. This does not mean putting your hands over your ears and cover your eyes ignoring the situation. What it means is to be aware that these global elites control the economy, the governments, the media, agriculture, and education systems their goal is to control everything. To remove yourself from the globalist control is to become self-sufficient. To the globalist are you a slave? A slave is a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them. Become disobedient and educate yourself on the laws that govern you and soon you will find out how free you really are. Do you work excessively hard living up to the stress of life? Globalists want us to focus on the stresses of life ignoring their deeds because, if your thinking about what you have to deal with each and every day you are not thinking about their ultimate goal to control you.

Let us think for a moment on how to reduce our participation. What if we could plug our car into our house for a power source? Saving money on the electric bill that evidently goes to a globalist. What I have done is set up a battery charging system in my car that charges a set of batteries. Think of an RV battery system, but in your car’s trunk. I do not drive any further to charge the system; the 25 minute back and forth from work and around town is plenty to charge the batteries. Then when I get back home, I use a drop cord to plug in items from the system set up in my car. Not major items but items, like a microwave, DVD players, clock, and things like that. This forces me to manage my use of electricity. In an emergency, as long as the car is not damaged I have a source of electricity. The expense of the system pays for itself by reducing your electric bill. As the video below shows, the system is rather simple to install. Instead of the mini frig mention in the video; I plug anything I want directly into the DC to AC inverter. I have to travel around anyways why not put that time and gasoline to good use.

Think about educating yourself by spending 30 minutes or more a day researching a topic on the internet. A reminder is to store the important research on a flash drive so you have it at a future date. Remember if you have electricity, you can still use your computer. Store all essential information on a flash drives for example survival information; purify clean drinking water, build a shelter, cooking outdoors, perhaps an illustrations how to knit cloths, how to make soap, and many other useful knowledge. This way you do not have to remember everything just that you have it on couple flash drives after that when the time arises you have essential information to survive.

Above is one of hundreds of methods to remove yourself from the globalist Hegelian dialectic. The key is chip away at your participation to the globalist agenda.