Hegelian Dialectic – Understanding the Logic

Hegel3Why do people need to understand the Hegelian Dialectic? Because the Hegelian Dialectic is the logic that morphs into the behavior that manipulates society to do the globalist bidding; it is the action that tricks you into oppression. Essentially, the dialectic is put in place so you behave in a predictable manner. To figure out how the dialectic works we must appreciate how it applies to us in practice. The only way to realize you are under the influence is to become conscious that you are participating in the manipulation of the dialectic. The truth is everyone is under the influence of the Hegelian Dialectic to some extent.

hegel5We begin by first recognizing how most people characterize logic. Most people identify logic as the Greek philosopher Aristotle as well as many others. They argued in a syllogism classical form of deductive reasoning. For example, point A equals point A or is not point A, in other words true or false. The logic behind the Hegelian Dialectic is NOT a form of deductive reasoning or set of applied principles like the scientific method.

Nevertheless, the Hegelian Dialectic poses two points of view where the influences of the two components lead to a form of reasoning. The easy way to identify with the dialectic is to analysis a current topic; for example the Climate Change debate. We have two camps, the Climate Change deniers, and the non-deniers. In spite of this, neither group realizes the global elites withhold the knowledge to the solution. They have a set of equations to predict the outcome of the planet’s rising and lowering temperature at this very moment.hegel6 What people must appreciate is the Milankovitch cycles predict with good accuracy what the baseline temperature of the planet will be over the next decades and centuries. This critical information is withheld from the general public debate. To prove this consider the following case knowing the solution like the global elites do.

hegel7Let us ponder a comparable case as if the public that is you did not know the orbit of the moon influences the cycle of the high and low tides. A set of equations that describe the position of the moon is withheld therefore the prediction of the high and low tides is unknown. Yet, the global elites have the set of equations to predict the rising and resending waters of the ocean and keep this knowledge for personnel gains. They are not transparent and call upon the media to show the damage of high tides all over the world, building a case that humanity must take a stand to prevent or limit the damage. Furthermore, academia demonstrates that buoyant force raises the water levels in the laboratory showing an undisputable fact that water rises when an object is immersed. The pretense is buoyant force raises the sea level this is what causes the high and low tides hence shore erosion.

hegel8A global debate begins with the aid of the media to show that humanity is the cause of shore erosion. Media outlets debate by showing, expert’s converse on the science of buoyant force, celebrities choosing a side, naval experts minimizing the affect of naval ships, oil company executives showing little effect from oil platforms, even an expert on aquatic lifejackets. Daily media reminders for humanity to find their place in the dialectic; leading the public opinion that objects that immerse into the oceans cause shore erosion. Academia proving that buoyant force exists and not believing so is to be a buoyant force denier; therefore, presenting the global elites a solution to begin a buoyant force tax on the maritime industry. Furthermore, the industrial nations must take the blunt of the tax to forge humanity ahead.

Withholding critical knowledge like the fact, the gravity of the moon influences the high and low tides, or a set of equations that predict climate changes give the global elites a superior financial advantage. Fundamentally, by not providing transparency the scheme of the dialectic is for you to behave in a predictable manner. Most people in the USA have no clue about the Milankovitch cycles since these findings gain recognition during the height of the Cold War and Milankovitch is Siberian. Any truths from the USSR in 1956 are unfounded in USA and western society.

hegel10To understand how the Hegelian dialectic operates we must understand how it applies to us in practice. The Hegelian dialectic is best known as problem, reaction, thus solution or the process as thesis, antithesis, hence synthesis. The solution or synthesis becomes the new problem or thesis and the process repeats.

We will attempt to disseminate the dialectic logic. The case study is we have two novice chess players, player A and player B. We have a master player overseeing the match of the two players. Both players are familiar with the rules of the game. Player A moves white first as a problem or thesis, Player B counters the move the reaction move or antithesis. The moves result as the solution or synthesis. We repeat the process of moving chess pieces until we have a winner of the match. Each stage of the process we have an problem, reaction, and solution. Nonetheless, we can identify with each player desire to win the match. To insure a win, each player seeks council from the master player. The question is who won the match Player A or Player B?

hegel4The truth is neither player A or B won the match. The master player won the match, by steering the player who is in favor. The reason the master won is he controls the outcome of the match with the advice. The assumption is the global elites or master influences a fair match. Each equally having a fair chance to win the match is dependent on the master. Nevertheless is true if and only if the desire of the master is not to gain power as well as control. Simply, the globalists select two groups of people to be in power then move the country in a certain direction, favoring one group for a time then the other, consequently moving the groups as a whole towards the master plan. For instance, the past election we the people truly believe we put the Republicans in charge of congress, however this is an illusion of choice.

How the chess game or illusion occurs in society is in a public debate. Watching any televised network, movie or commercial we see people debate what appears to be both sides of the issue. What is important is the critical information is withheld from the public debate that is the information only a select few global elites know. As a consequence, people choose a side. When you choice a side you are under the influence of the dialectic. The global media feeds the debate. As long as we as a society play the game, we are under the influence of the dialectic.

hegel9The propaganda tool of the global elites in a free society is the media, which deliberately provides two sides of an issue to move your thinking towards the globalist position. The globalist position is to have the two sides at odds with each other – for control and profit. Watch the news next time and see how the debate is set up. News anchor or guest speaker A along with guest speaker B both has the objective to move the audience opinion. Never do we perceive a third choice. The illusion is we the people have just two choices – two choices make it much easier to control society. What happens when we choose is we suspend our critical thinking skills subsequently we reinforcement one side. You fall under the control of the dialectic if you choose one of the two choices in the debate. Essentially, you give up your free will by allowing deterministic views to guide you.

hegel12Presently, the global elites control society in a marxism manner using the Hegelian dialectic under the illusion of a capitalist democratic society. The USA has one party or master that is a business party with two factions. People in the USA believe we have a two party political system however; we have a single party with two factions. Two opposite factions, opposing each other, with the global elites behind closed doors advising both sides. Current events shine some light on this; Dr. Jonathan Gruber from MIT confirms the inner workings of the global elites. The information withheld on Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare is nothing more than a financial recovery plan for the global elites and has nothing to do with health.

hegel13The most important information shown in this post is next that is how to overcome the dialectic. Simply do not play the game; the result is the Hegelian Dialectic falls apart. Picture the result if you choose as player A not to play the game of chess. Moreover, you gain control over your life. By not playing the game means to become self-sufficient, live within your means, and educate yourself.

Hopefully, you can recognize the Hegelian Dialectic in your daily lives.

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name