imagesCACV8VRMThe global government pretends independent motives to world events however; these scripted events lead nation states towards creating conditions that rationalize the removal of freedoms. Karl Marx a mentor of Hegel uses the Hegelian dialectic to remove freedom and control the masses. How this method is applied is to plan a reaction to a problem then present the predetermined solution. Hence, the control! It is like a magic trick however, it is global sorcery.

People demand more laws to solve the perceived problems however the laws do exist but not enforced. Until all the laws are enforced all at once to form a legal totalitarianism.

In the United States, polls are rigged to sway opinions towards a global agenda; elections are manipulated to put key puppets or parrots (teleprompter readers) into office. Most incumbent politicians are blackmailed, bribed, or promised reelection for serving the global government. For now politicians seek the more powerful therefore follow the global elite.

The political system depends on a duality system hence easier to control the masses. We live in a false dichotomy; we believe we have a choice in the two-party system however, in the two-party system each side leads to the same results (Hegelian dialectic). People see one side is the problem and the other political side as the solution. Both sides are under the same predetermined solution. We live in a controlled democracy of choice; as a result, for now we select politicians not elect them. We cannot have freedom in an either or choice system.