Free Will

body soul spiritThe scientific method can never be used to measure free will – period. The very idea of measuring free will in a control environment will always collapse to a deterministic choice. Not unlike the measurement of the quantum effect, when the very act to measure the quantum wave function, collapses the quantum wave function (see video below). We cannot use deterministic measures to measure free will. That means you predicted the outcome of the experiment in all cases.

Science uses the scientific method that is a deterministic method to discover; therefore, will always have a deterministic outcome. For example, measure the brain functions on test subject choosing the left arrow or right arrow. Now the subject is to pick randomly from the two choices. The choices been made within the parameters of the test. What if the subject picked bottom, neither left nor right, the bottom choice is outside the parameters of the experiment. The test subject is not even able to make the choice outside of the predetermine choices; consequently, collapsing the free will choice to a deterministic choice. It is not a matter of understanding the parameters of the test it is the fact that a limited number of choices. If anything, any time delay in brain activity shows validity for the struggle of free will between deterministic choices.

Let us attempt to understand what free will is by first understanding what it is not. Free will is not a repeating decision-making like dominos lined up. Then make one free will decision, after another free will decision, illustrating by the dominos falling. donimo

Next free will is not a duality. It is not a mind body problem. It is a trinity effect. Humans have three parts (body, soul, and spirit) Science is using the physical component of humans to measure the two abstract components. When arguing with my philosophy professor I told him the concept is similar to the Heisenberg Principle, you cannot measure concrete and abstract simultaneously. Simply you cannot measure free will and neuron patterns simultaneously it violates the physical laws of nature.

Axiom of choices: There are never less than three choices to select from when making a decision. Humans fall for this either or choice madness. Work that intuitional part of yourself and figure out the other choices. Otherwise, you become that Pavlovian human which the controlling global elite want from you.

If you really, want to test for free will then ask Jesus into your heart. Notice that wiggle in your chair and uneasiness by reading that statement. Perhaps, some agreement for those that did. Making the choice to ask or not to ask is a free will choice. Saying yes is like the Gordian knot. Science deals with disentangling the knot. Just hack it.

Free will decisions are few in a human’s life. Love and trust in someone are free will choices. I leave it to you to determine your free will choices and that is how it ought to be. Only you and you alone know your free will choices that come before you throughout your life.

Interesting video shows what physicists deal with in the quantum world and simply explains the quantum wave collapsing.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name