Free Energy

Free EnergyFree energy is all around us. People are waiting for the super great invention that will save the world. What if the first step is up to you, not some inventor? Let us brainstorm some things you might want to try or think about it.

First, use the energy stored in your car battery for electrical things. Most small electronics have a car plug in adapter. Why pay for electricity by plugging things into your wall socket. Be safe about leaving items in your vehicle, we don’t want the items taken. Charging cell phones, laptops, and tablets saves you money. You already paid the gas to charge the battery. Why pay twice?

Look into getting an inverter for your car. Better yet, look into getting an inverter and dual battery system. The video link shows a very good system however, you can go to your local car stereo system installer for a less expensive system or do it yourself. Dual battery system is rather inexpensive to install and if you use the system to save on your electric bill you have a return on the investment. Furthermore, consider how many times in natural disasters do people lose power? Having your vehicle set-up as a back-up power source is very smart. Once the vehicle is set with, dual batteries, and inverter put the power use.

Can go very grand with an off grid battery system. For example, have the garage, shed, even your home off grid. One correctly installed solar panel and battery can supply a good deal of power. The point is you have free energy already, the sun provides all the energy in the world in some fashion. Use your intuition to plug in that free energy.

People may ask why hasn’t someone invented a better system to produce cheaper energy. Well, the real trick for free energy is how we do tax “free”. Think about how the government would react if the tax revenue no longer existed. That is the answer to why! It is up to you to intuitively tap into that free energy.

Below are some links examples and leave it up to you to tap into the free energy around you.

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