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Ancient Knowledge – Fine-Tuning Universe

This article explains a concern regarding the Fine-Tuning Universe as well as question the validity of the universal fundamental physical constants in what appears to be a self-fulfilling method. We endeavor to provide new insights and resolve common misunderstandings that ancient knowledge is more likely suppressed by those in control of humanity than the need for ingenious discovery.

The following definitions guide us through a detection process, with the intent to show how ancient knowledge is concealed from humanity by those that seek to control how humanity develops understanding.

What is the Fine-Tuning Universe?

cosmicfinetuneThe Fine-Tuning Universe is an archetype that permits life in the universe to occur only when certain universal fundamental physical constants come together. If any of the several fundamental constants slightly differ, the universe would unlikely have the ability to cultivate very small objects like atoms, the astronomical structures like galaxies, moreover life, as it is understood. Even a small change in a few of the universal fundamental physical constants would change the makeup of matter.

What does universal mean?

It is important to understand the word universal means something that may be applied throughout the universe. Furthermore, universal is understood that it has no limits in its application in science, religion, or philosophy. Universal is not localized to just planet Earth.

An example of a universal fundamental physical constant?

The term fundamental physical constant is split into two categories; the first is a physical constant that have a dimension, and another category that is dimensionless.

Physical Constant that is Dimensionless

First, understand the description of dimensionless is a missed characterized. The physical constant is not “dimensionless” but has a numerical value that has a dimensional meaning of one. Since, the meaning is one we are incorrectly taught that the meaning goes away or cancels each other. Clearly, numbers have two parts; the numerical value we all are used to seeing, and the meaning of the number, which most textbooks drop and ignore. Nonetheless, we show one example among many of a dimensionless physical constant. In this case, we choose the fine structure constant α.

\alpha = \frac{e^2}{\hbar c 4 \pi \epsilon_0} = \frac{1}{137.03599908}

where e is the elementary charge, ħ is the reduced Planck’s constant, c is the speed of light in a vacuum, and ε0 is the permittivity of free space. The fine structure constant is fixed to the strength of the electromagnetic interaction between elementary charged particles. (Note c the speed of light in fine structure constant)

We must correct our thinking of the fine structure constant α to be understood as

\alpha = \frac{1}{137.03599908}\frac{C^2}{C^2}

where C stands for charge. We are taught anything over itself is one, so we do not write the meaning after the numerical value. The cancelation of the meaning is a terrible mistake perpetrated by those in control of thought.

Physical Constant with a Dimension

Consider a commonly understood physical constant such as the speed of light c, where the numerical value of the speed of light is 299,792,458, and the meaning that is the units are meters per second. A few other examples of dimensioned physical constants are vacuum permittivity ε0, Planck’s constant ħ, and the gravitational constant G.

Standard International (SI) base units

We have seven publicly known base units and they are metre, second, kilogram, ampere, Kelvin, mole, and candela. From these seven base units we derive units for example area is m2 the meaning has meter times meter. Hundreds of such derive units exist.

Definition of the second

In 1956, the second was redefined in terms of a year (the period of the Earth’s revolution around the Sun) for a particular epoch because, by then, it had become recognized that the Earth’s rotation on its own axis was not uniform as a standard of time. Thus, the 1960 SI definition abandoned any explicit relationship between the scientific second and the length of a day, as most people understand the term. With the development of the atomic clock in the 1960’s it was decided to use atomic time and in 1967 the atomic time for a second was set for the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium-133 atom. In 1997 the above defines also refers to a caesium atom at rest at a temperature of 0 K. The caesium-133 periods for a second define the 1960 second in terms of a year.

Definition of the meter or metre

As of 1983, the definition of the meter or metre is 1/299,792,458 of a second or 1/c of a second, where the denominator is known as the speed of light c. Perplexing that the speed of light defines the metre moreover the metre is define as a fraction of time.

Meter’s History

The first attempt to define the metre began in 1668, where Wilkins proposed using Christopher Wren’s suggestion of defining the metre using a pendulum with a length which produced a half-period of one second, known as a ‘seconds pendulum’. Christiaan Huygens had observed that length to be 38 Rijnland inches or 39.26 English inches. This is the equivalent of what is now known to be 997 mm (1000 mm defines a metre). No official action was taken regarding this suggestion. Nonetheless, the point of interest is the understanding of the pendulum defines both time and length according to Earth’s gravitational force.

The first accepted definition of the metre is a measurement of the Earth’s meridian

The first apparent attempt to define the metre took place in 1793 by Delambre and Méchain where a one-half of the earth’s meridian that is a quarter of the earth’s circumference around the poles is divided by ten million. What is perplexing is why divide by ten million and where did ten million originate. What is very important to note is that that ten million represent “physical” fractions of the planet Earth’s pole-to-pole circumference.

The suppression of knowledge

Ancient Knowledge explains why we divide by ten million but those in control of humanities thoughts rather hinder the truth than explain the truth. The truth is humanity has always known the Earth was a sphere even during and prior to the Dark Ages. We must clearly understand that during the Dark Ages knowledge was heavily suppressed. Knowledge was not lost but suppressed by those in power and control of humanity.

Eratosthenes'Consider and reference the years of, Eratosthenes of Cyrene (276 BC -195 BC) the inventor of geography. He is best known for the first person to calculate the circumference of the Earth and long before the Age of Enlightenment. Knowledge of the Earth as a sphere was well known during ancient times. Eratosthenes is the first of many to calculate the circumference of the planet. If interested here is a link that goes in detail the history of calculating Earth’s circumference.

sumeriansplanetsThink about the image of the Sumerian tablet showing the planets and sun. The tablet provides insight to the thinking of ancient people. What is more important is not the number of planets on the tablet but that about 6000 years ago people knew that all the planets are spheres with the sun in the middle.

An important lesson for humanity to recognize and understand is we do not need to rediscover the knowledge but unravel what is suppressed. The truth is those that control humanity saw fit to dominate the narrative that the earth was flat; then persecuted, placed under house arrest, or flatly killed anyone that said otherwise. Those in control of humanity today still manipulate and suppress knowledge using the same tactics.

Physically validation of a circular Earth

The actual case file is FRC 10143 no. 36 is a proclamation of Louis XVI of France, dated 10 June, 1792, sanctioning the nomination, by the Academia des sciences, of Méchain and Delambre to undertake the geometric measurement of the meridian (in order to establish a standard length for the measurement of the meter). Important to understand is the independently surveyed geometric measurements by Méchain and Delambre are of the physical Earth, the actual increments of the distance of the circumference of the planet. They both were to validate the already calculated measurements; consequently, their findings approved a standard unit of length.

Self-serving method of understanding

Now we revisit the perplexing current definition of the metre, where today it is define as a fraction of the speed of light of a second. Mystifying is the first accepted definition of the metre as a fraction of the circumference of the planet; then the passing of a couple centuries the metre is a fraction of the speed of light of a second. Begging the question, how can the circumference from pole-to-pole; moreover, the speed of light of a second both define within a fraction of each other a universal definition of the metre? Moreover, how can the speed of light, which is in meters but also a year’s fraction of the rotation of the planet Earth, define a universal constant? A constant that extends from Earth to all reach of the cosmos.

We have a Problem

According to the Fine-Tuning Universe criteria, life can not exist on a planet that does not have exactly the same circumference and yearly rotation of Earth. Consequently, both the circumference of this planet and the speed of light are intrinsic to each other to spring forth life. Nonetheless, the planet is not getting any bigger and the speed of light in a vacuum is the fastest matter can travel. Of course, the Fine-Tuning Universe will validate itself; the base units used to for the measurements of the physical constants are rigged to do so. Essentially what the Fine-Tuning Universe position is that all knowledge is center around Earth. Where have we heard this before?

To control knowledge?

Humanity was once suppressed into believing that the Earth was flat. Next, we broke free after many years of persecution to learn we are not the center of the universe. We learn that the stars and planet revolved around Earth; still denied the truth. Briefly, we believed we are the center of the galaxy, then learned that we exist at the outer edge.

Nonetheless, science still believes humanity is the center of all knowledge in the universe. That science can derive self-fulfilling fundamental physical constants relative to Earth and only Earth.

Simply, the Fine-Tuning Universe model is another method to control knowledge. Knowledge that the universe is vast should be enough evidence that other planets and stars should be considered in the derivations of universal fundamental physical constants.

What if we consider using the same techniques to develop standard units for Mars or any of the other planets, then apply this knowledge to develop dimension and dimensionless constants. Would the outcome be the same?

We will use the same approach to discover the metre and second on Earth to find the speed of light on another planet. Are fundamental physical constant the speed of light different?

What other planet’s speed of light would be?

Using the same method to discover the meter and second we show the speed of light for each planet. If you live on Mars the speed of light would be on Mars 548,477,340 meters per second of Mars.

Speed of Light

The speed of light from the table shows if we were to discover the speed of light from each of the planets. On each planet we would be taught that nothing could travel faster than what is calculated for that particular planet. Yet, each speed of light for each planet equals each other they are relative to each other. The universal meter on Mars is much smaller in length than the universal meter on Earth.

How can we say that the circumference and rotational cycle of Earth is universal? The point is universal knowledge does not originate from Earth; universal knowledge originates from the universal knowledge of the entire universe. The reason we divide by ten million is that is the original value we used to find the length of the meter. It is based on the circumference of the Earth. There is a true universal length and true universal second but it is not the length and second we currently use.


Philosophically speaking knowledge collapses since humanity peers from Earth into the vast “Tree of Knowledge”. Simply, devices are made to Earth specs; therefore, humanity sees only what is relative from Earth. Knowledge is more than just what we understand from relative Earth; nonetheless, those in control of humanities thoughts lead us to believe so. The truth is the Ancient Knowledge follows a scaling law; therefore, futile to pursue any other path to universal knowledge.


Albert Einstein “We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name