Fine Tuning Argument

Fine Tuning Argument
Universal MilkywayThe fine-tuning argument is that fundamental physical constants and quantities of the universe have an exceedingly narrow relationship. If any one of these numerical values were too be altered by even a fraction, no physical life of any kind could exist anywhere, no stars, no planets, no life, nothing. Unfortunately, there is one huge problem with this argument; all the constants and quantities are derived from the size and duration from this planet as well as molecular structure of life on Earth. Maintaining that Earth and the humans upon it is the center of all universal knowledge.

Why is the circumference of this planet the determining factor of length for the entire universe? Why is a fraction of the yearly duration of Earth around the sun the determining factor of time for the entire universe? Why is a fraction of the element carbon the determining factor for elementary particle mass? Why is the astronomical unit define as the distance from the Sun to Earth? Why is the universal maximum speed of light derived from the physical length and time of Earth? At their core all base units, derived units, and fundamental physicals constants come from a physical measurement created from an existence on Earth, arguing from a central dimensional understanding and knowledge. An intelligence design derived from human intelligence, to understand knowledge from an earthy perspective; then project all knowledge to the universe – all must obey, including God!

Length, time, and mass are all derived from humans living on Earth. Of course, all knowledge of the stars, planets, life, everything will collapse into a self-fulfilling deduction that a very slight change will wreck havoc on our earthy understanding of the universe. The fine-tuning argument’s elementary truth is that humanity knows nothing, other than from our relative perspective position of earth; having a central position that all knowledge derives from the intellectual importance of humanity.

What humanity knows is that we understand the universe from a relative perspective not a universal perspective. For all we know is that if the metre happens to be physical longer and the second shorter all these universal equations and constants would collapse into one equation that scales from the very small to the very large. Nevertheless, since we use the earthy measures of a metre and second we are clueless to the potential universal viewpoint. Scientists would rather attempt to damp out time in grand equations than realize that time is scaled differently. Moreover the very reason we have a couple hundred fundamental physical constants to describe our relative position in the universe.

We challenge naming one fundamental physical constant that does not have length(m), time(s), or mass(kg) in its numerical value that is not derive or motivated from Earthy measurements. Below are a few of the fundamental physical constants written in base unit format and a link to many more.


Aloud Philosophical Thinking

In order for humanity to continue further we must develop into a spiritual govern being; rather than, the present intellectual and/or emotion controlled being. Simply, humans must make the choice to move control of things; from the mind and body, into the heart – your spiritual heart literally thinks too.

holographic-universeHumans exist in a holographic (fine-tuned) prison restricted to this planet, tricked into believing that our smarts will lead us into a better future. Unaware we are farmed for our spiritual energies; most of humanity is completely ignorant of their true spiritual existence – religions sees too that.

Those that are aware are intellectual mocked for being awake and responsive to the struggle. Nonetheless, to overcome one must realize that God exists before understanding and knowledge; therefore, intelligence will not lead humanity to free will. Spiritual beings are prepared to explore the universe beyond intellect. Humans are tricked into believing how smart they are will lead to a greater future.

Religion is at odds with science; this is true however, religion is not spiritual thinking, religion is intellectual thinking. Both argue in religious or in scientific terms, as if, we were one-dimensional beings arguing over the structure of a three-dimensional being; neither, religion nor science has the ability or the vocabulary to describe a true understanding. A single dimensional being has no concept of up or down, back or forward, left or right; however, their ignorant understanding is central to their universal knowledge.

Spiritual thinking is to move to another dimension where another realm of understanding can take place outside of the science and religion dominions. The fine-tuning argument is as if a Gordian knot ties up humanities understanding; humanity needs to whack the knot into pieces and start over.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name