Expanding Earth Support – Analaysis and Links

This post is a work in process. The reason for this post is to show supporting data, link, and information to validate the IEE hypothesis.

1. How much energy would the earth release if the planet would vaporize instantaneously. Use the mass-energy equivalence equation, E=mc^2.

mass of earth = 5.97e24 kg

speed of light = 299 792 458 m/s or 3.00e8 m/s

Energy = mass times speed of light times speed of light; therefore,

Energy = 5.97e24 kg * 3.00e8 m/s * 3.00e8 m/s = 5.37e41 J

Or, in ergs (10,000,000 ergs = 1 J) hence, 5.37e41 J = 5.37e48 ergs


2. Relationship of earth’s density and radius to gravity.

Force = mass times gravity (Newton’s second law)
Force = (gravity constant times mass1 times mass2) divided by radius squared (Newton’s gravitational law)
Density = mass divided by volume

Volume of sphere is 4/3 pi r^3 therefore, density d = m2 / 4/3 pi r^3, so d ~ m2 / r^3, so m2 ~ d * r^3

Newton’s second law = Newton’s gravitational law
m1 * g = G m1 * m2 / r^2
g ~ m2/r^2

substitute m2 into problem therefore g ~ (d * r^3)/r^2

so g ~ d * r

The relationship shows that if density is double and the radius is half there is no change in gravity.

So a denser earth (same mass as today) with a smaller radius expands to a less denser (same mass as today) large radius earth shows that the gravitational pull would not have a significant change to the current constant acceleration of gravity.


3. The energy of a short duration gamma ray burst is 10^49 to 10^53 ergs (page 36). If earth was to vaporize the energy is 10^48 ergs therefore a planet vaporizing in the solar system has a large amount of energy. We are not say the a short gamma ray burst occurred. What we are saying is if a planet essentially vaporized within the solar system we would have dramatic effects to the neighboring planets. Like the instantaneous expansion of earth, meaning in a matter of days and weeks the earth develop from a small radius to a larger radius. What we are saying is that a planet did vaporize producing enough energy to expand the earth. We also will show that not only earth but other planets and moon show signs of the vaporizing planet.


4. The collision of two planets is one method to produce the vaporizing of the planets.


5. The pressure the planet shows that if the mantle were expose to space that the planet would vaporize leaving a fraction of the crust behind.


6. Proof: Need to explain not only do stars explode and decay so do planets. Educated guess is not all gamma ray bursts are stars. Soon we will find that for every star there are 2 or more planets. In time we will record a planet explosion (that is if we haven’t already recorded one masked as a short gamma ray burst). Having a recording validates hence proofs the IEE hypothesis. Either we will have to show that existing data is a planet rather than a star or we will have to record something unexplainable and show it is a planet or we will have to prove the existence of many more planets to increase the likelihood. All in all an explosion in space other than a star with the energy to heat up neighbor planets is what we are looking for to test the IEE hypothesis.


7. Need to calculate the energy to expand the mantle.


8. List of the extrasolar planets. Planets that have 5 times the earths radius with the same density have the energy to vaporize into a short duration gamma ray burst.


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