Expanding Earth Conspiracy

FloodThe premise of the Instantaneous Expanding Earth (IEE) hypothesis is a planet exploded within the solar system supplying enough energy to rapidly heat the entire planet Earth, from its inner core to mantle the material expands, solids to liquid, and perhaps some liquid into gas. Prompting the planet to expand the surface to break into sheets of land mass, as well as allowing underground water tables to rise forming the oceans, lands, and rivers. We call the effect the “popcorn effect”. Consider the making of popcorn from seed to kernel. Apart from beginning to end of making popcorn, an intermediate stage is the “old maid”. A partially expanded piece of popcorn, results as an “old maid” having enough energy to expand from the original seed, but not fully explode into a fluffy kernel.

flood3The IEE hypothesis explains the result of two major observable events, where did the asteroid belt come from, and how the continents appear to fit together so well. In real science, observation is the key in explaining scientific results; we can plainly reverse the expansion of continents then observe the continents were once a single land mass; likewise, we can collect the bits and pieces of the asteroid belt to form the outer crust of a planet. Other theories explain each case independently, we hypothesis both as one event; moreover, we not only observe the IEE hypothesis effects on earth, but the interaction of the solar system as a whole.

Perhaps the best explanation for the source of energy for the expansion is the gamma ray bursts (GRB). There are two types of GRB, short GRB which have an unknown source and the long GRB results in a star exploding. Our stance is that short GRB scales to the energy for planetoid explosions. The point is the energy of short GRB is not confine to stars therefore GRB can scale from planets to stars explosions. If a planet were to shear, then tear open to the mantle. Under extreme pressure the crust would rupture, the planet would vaporize less than a second, releasing most of its mass in the form of energy into space as well as leaving a few bits pieces of mass the size of an asteroid.

flood2In short the IEE hypothesis states Earth absorbs the radiation from the exploding planet where the asteroid belt is today. From this energy release, planets in the solar system rapidly heat up along with expanding the earth’s circumference, tearing the earth’s crust, subsequently allowing the underground water tables to fill the surface, in a matter of days, expand reshaping the surface of the planets into what we observe today.

We will be the first to show the IEE hypothesis at great lengths over the next several months….

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