what-did-you-just-sayA few times, from people that can corner me, have ask me why do you not let comments on your site.

Should comments be on or off on a blog. It depends on the type of site you are running. If you are looking for insight for your article then the comments should be turn on. If your just tossing out creative thinking then the comments should be turn off.

Fringe Truth will not turn on comments. Because, I rather spend the time research topics and learning. It is a time management thing. Secondly, I am hoping that you expand from the site into more research for yourself. I rather you read more on other sites than spend time commenting.

Another reason is the name Fringe Truth. Topics at the fringe can threaten ones personnel beliefs. Sadly, truth is taken negative in is very first form. Rejected for an lie. So, to avoid comments that threat peoples belief I rather not even give them a chance.

Another reason not to allow comments is the government and other organization (e.g. Soros) hires enough people to write comments or tweet on sites that are meant to derail topics. We see this on popular sites, alternative news, and MSM news sites. These people are commonly called “trolls” and have a very negative impact on sites.

Simply I would like you to read the article, think about it, search more articles at other sites, reread the article. Moreover, formulate your own opinion. It does not matter whether you agree. It is more important that you think about it freely and then decide.

My belief is if you happen to read an article(s) at this site; God has sent you here for a reason. He is speaking to you and my hope is that an article helps you decide whatever he is trying to tell you.

All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name