Black Operations

imagesCA5FXS44Black Operations have a tool called a false flag. Presenting an illusion of believable events but hiding the real reason. A simple way of thinking about how to pull off a false flag is like a magic trick.

Conducting an illusion in my youth at a Boy Scout event was to burn a piece of paper in front of an audience, rub the ash across my bare forearm, and a word appears. The very word of a person who wrote on the paper and never met. Everyone gasps as the word appears on the forearm. The expression on the person who wrote the word on the paper says it all. How did he know that! The illusion of burning the word of the person in the forearm is very convincing. The process of this illusion is similar to the process to pull off a false flag.

How does the trick work. First, apply glue to the forearm of the middle name or word of the person you never met. However, how do you get the middle name or word of the person? You cannot ask the person. You will not get the shock and expression that convinces the rest of the people. You indirectly ask someone to find out and tell you. Someone on the inside knows the trick but not the direct person. Compartmentalize people so that the flow of information has a direct relationship with the target person. Therefore, asking my father to find out from a friend the friend of a wife’s middle name and knowing when is her birthday. Therefore, people in between are linked but not link to me. Then asking sorting questions to make a dramatic show; for example, who has a birthday this month. Until, that the one person you have selected will be the only one remaining. Have that person write down on a piece of paper their middle name fold it up and hand it to my assistant who burns the paper. Then I rub the ashes on the forearm showing the middle name. Her expression and reaction convinces everyone else that is was not a set-up between us.

False flags work in the same manner. Groups only know what they need to know, nothing else, and never know the intent. False flags are to provoke an emotional reaction of the masses so that they suspend their critical thinking. The target victim never knows they are a target and goes along with the event unaware of the real plan (pasty). The difference between the two is the one is a playful trick to play on people whereas the true false flags conducted by black ops are used in malicious manner.

The media’s role is to provoke an emotion response from the audience. The different government departments are the links between the flow of information only what they need to know and nothing more. The globalist know the desired results and the pasty!