imagesCAWVM3EYThe global government uses the interest from Federal Reserve (a private bank) supplied by the IRS as source of funding. The Federal Reserve prints billions of dollars in cash ever year but pays only for the manufacturing cost. This fiat money is injected into the economy where we the people assume it has real worth. Therefore, we the people do real work, create real product in exchange for the worthless reserve notes. Normally this would cause inflation but want the Federal Reserve prints the IRS later takes out through income tax. It is very important to understand the Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express. The Federal Reserve is a private bank own by a few people and do not answer to any branch of the US government.

The rigged Stock Markets provide funding for the global government. What appears as random fluctuations in the market are instead planned in advance using Hegelian dialectics, allowing the elite to retract their investment before a planned downturn or crash.