Are You Really You

number6Have you ever felt work, government agencies, courts, law enforcement, bankers, debt collectors, education systems, so on, and so forth treat you as a number? If you felt like this, you are correct to feel that way because little do you know you have several identities outside the real person you are. Perhaps, you have heard of the Legalese term the Straw Man (definition 3 & worth the read). (Straw Man is not a political correct term it is a legal term. We will continue to use the correct term subsequently not masking the true purpose of the language).

As stated above Straw Man is a Legalese term, to describe you as a number, not a hu-Man. The reason you have a Straw Man is those in power want to keep you in the dark about paying taxes, getting a license, paying fines, attending court, purchases items, and a host of everyday tasks. On the other hand, if nobody has told you that you have a Straw Man then the following could be very interesting.

Your Straw Man was created when you were very young, too young for you to know anything about it, hence nothing you can do to stop it. However, we remind you that if you knew about your Straw Man then it wouldn’t be much a secret. The purpose of the Straw Man is to deceive you therefore deny that it exists. Now is time to learn about the Straw Man and become aware.

number4The Straw Man enters the world shortly after you physical enter the world for that reason it is hard for you to put a stop to the deception that will surround your existence. Perhaps giving validity to the phrase, we are born into sin. The good news is it is not your fault because your parents were fooled into thinking, just like their parents before them, that they need to register your birth by filling out a birth certificate for you, creating your first numerical identity. Consequently, your parents did what any normal parent would do. When your parents filled out your birth certificate according to the local authority, your parents lost ownership of their baby (you), and they allowed a Straw Man to be created in your likeness. You become a number as well as a hu-Man when you’re born.

Now most people are completely unaware, until now, that these things could happen to you. The good news is in fact, the “registration” of your birth is a contract, therefore in reality; it is a null and void because there was not “full disclosure” by the local authority nor was there “intent to contract” on the part of your parents. Legaleses for saying your parents were trick into doing it. Let us explain in more detail what is really going on.

number7When your parents register your birth they pass “ownership” of the baby (you) to the local authority and that, and that alone, allows the local authority’s staff to take the child away from the parents. Until the child reaches, the “age of maturity” set by the current legal statutes. We see cases between state and parents all the time in the news. They battle in the court defining between what is not “lawful”, but after birth you are registered, it is “legal”. The parent finds out in court what they have done. We the people find it strange that the child was not return to the parents but held by the local authorities after what appear to be an obvious case the parents should have custody. Now we know the parent must argue in court they went into an unlawful “contract” by filling out the birth certificate giving “legal” custody to the local authorities.

So, what is a Straw Man? A Straw Man is a fictitious Legalese entity, created with the hope as the child grows up, the child will be fooled into believing that the child actually believes they are the Straw Man, and pay all sorts of imaginary costs and liabilities, which the global elites attach to the Straw Man.

How is the Straw Man created? The apparatus is the unnecessary birth certificate, which the parents imagine, is about and belongs to their baby. Think about it do you really need a piece of paper to determine you are born.

How to spot the deceit is when you name your baby, something like John and the family name is Doe. Then you would think the birth certificate to have John Doe written on it. However, if you find that all caps JOHN DOE, or a mix of Mr. John Doe, or something other than exactly John Doe is on the birth certificate we have the creation of the Straw Man masking as John Doe (John Doe the hu-Man, JOHN DOE the Straw Man). Thing is all caps is a Legalese document representing a Corporation. People say this is a conspiracy however, Legalese Law says otherwise. Let us develop a test then to show the truth.

This is not legal advice but would do something like it when my child is born. Video the entire birth process is not unusual with today’s technology, so when you, the father (not mother) are ready to sign the birth certificate, video the signing of the birth certificate. Then tell the agent that the name is spelled wrong with cameras rolling to record the signing event. Write down the spelling of the child’s name John Doe and tell the agent that they wrote the name in all caps on the birth certificate and that is not the correct spelling of the name. The agent will believe that a letter is incorrect however; you state that the last name is cap “D” and lower case “oe” and a similar problem with the first name. Watch the agent’s eyes, then listen to the agent explain how that is policies and the Legalese way to fill out a birth certificate.

Consequently testing to determine if there is a conspiracy or not. If the name is changed with no hassle and the one in the mail is without all caps then Straw Man is false. If the name is not changed or the one in the mail is all caps then the Straw Man is true. I am quite sure the agent will have policies in place to fill the legal document out with all caps.

number3The ultimate reason for the creation of the Straw Man is to fool you the person John Doe into paying imaginary cost, penalties, interest, and taxes too these elites that trick you into “contracts” you would never agree to pay or agree too.

How they trick you into doing this is. First, you believe that the Straw Man is really the real you. In addition, they use Legalese language that twists words around to trick you. A great example is someone like a police officer or judge will say, “Do you understand”. The common folks take this meaning as “Do you comprehend what I am saying to you?” and you response “Yes” meaning, “I do comprehend what you are saying to me.” However, in Legalese the meaning of the phrase, “Do you understand” means “Do you stand under me?” meaning, “Do you grant me authority over you so that you have to obey whatever I tell you to do”, a cunning method to switch the words from normal everyday English to Legalese. Saying “Yes” means you submit to their authority.

number5Another good example on how words by the common folks are twisted is the word “computer”. Pause for a moment and picture a computer in your head. Did you picture the computer to be the device or the person? Legalese the person is the computer. The device is labeled by name, like “Dell Inspiron 530S”. Working with computers means in Legalese you are working with a group of people that compute or you are to compute. This secret Legalese language is all over the media, education, and government and most people just understand the words as common everyday English. Real evil since most people believe common English language is spoken. Then the elites pretend that you are contracting with them to become subordinate to them using Legalese language. One good example to define the Legalese language is the Black Law Dictionary along with many other manuals kept from the public (link is to the online 2nd Edition; the current hard copy is the 9th Edition).

Why do we need to know all this? The reason is the elites maneuver to trick you into agreeing to represent your Straw Man for that reason you submit to become a “free slave”. The problem the elites have is all humans are born equal with complete freedom of choice, in other words we are born with free will. Free will or the freedom to choice falls under “Common Law”. Common Law is simply you must not injure or kill anyone, steal or damage things owned by others, be honest in your dealings with humanity. Just a few but not very complex laws to follow since humanity solved disputes for centuries using “Common Law”. The problem the elites have with Common Law is it requires you to be morally objective in your deals with people.

number12People believe there are hundreds of other laws they have to keep up with but that is not true. Those other so-called laws are “statutes” and keeping them is optional for you, the human you, BUT they are not optional for your fictitious Straw Man. This is why the elites want to you to choose to represent your Straw Man then become subject to all their invented restrictions.

Were you ever told that these “statutes” are optional? However, if you agree to represent your Straw Man, then these things become binding on you. The problem is the “statutes” which politicians keep inventing in order to make you poor, make them and their friends rich, and keep you in a position where you have to do everything they say, no matter how much that harms you.

number9To make matters worse we believe we elect politicians to represent us in government nevertheless the politician has a Straw Man too. Politicians are a very carefully fostered illusion intended to keep you in your place, thus robbing the real wealth and time you created, only to be transferred to a privately owned for profit company. When we vote, what we are doing is helping the elites choose the middle management officers for the for-profit company. The truth is our vote never makes the slightest difference to what happens in the future, as the company policy and actions are controlled by the owners of the company, you have no say in what they want. It is just easier for the elites to control you if you feel you get to pick the middle managers for example the President. We see and hear, what appears that government is not getting things done, but the truth is the government is getting things done; just not, what the people think should be done. What they are getting done is what the owners tell them to do.

If you think this is farfetched then we challenge you to look up the Federal Reserve. You will find it is a private company and they do not hide it from the public that they are a for-profit private banking corporation. The Straw Man is founded so that all our government finances go through a private for-profit company that charges the people interest to create currency (not money) out of thin air. Money is backed by gold or silver, currency is back by key stokes on a computer or worthless paper “Federal Reserve Notes”. Being the real you is now aware of this, we can now define our current government officials job is to make sure the real you does not realize the government purpose is to steal your wealth and time. No wonder the people get frustrated with their government officials but now you know they are not in charge.

The elites want all of us to believe a genuine government exists which you elect and who serve you. They do not want you to understand that they are running a corporation, which produces nothing of any worth. Hence, the necessity for the elites to create a Straw Man similar to you, but not really you, both are created at birth, groomed to follow the Straw Man statutes not Common Law believing all this time you are a free person.

number10How they get away with this is the elites want you so burdened with paying them money and working so hard and long, preoccupied with nonsense information like sports, gossip and others that you don’t have time, real money, or energy to stop to think about what is happening to you and your family. The elites can only deal with your fictitious Straw Man and it is essential that they fool you into believing that you act on behalf of your Straw Man, the corporate you.

People really believe they are not manipulated and they make their own decisions nonetheless, the elites have a number of well-proven methods of distracting you and keeping you from finding out. First, they want you to see a great deal of entertainment, so you do not ask the awkward questions. In addition, one of the purposes of entertainment is to mimic the Straw Man world, which deceives everyone to believe that is the real world.

Affordable Care ActMoreover, another effective technique is fear. They want you to be afraid. Afraid of terrorists, disasters, new diseases, foreign countries, of “the economy” doing badly and more fear, perhaps a slight carrot of hope to encourage you the we need a government like the one we have now and army to protect the elites. The fear is really easy for the elites to control since there are only six private companies that the control media. Each of which works in concert together applying the Hegelian Dialectic to manipulate society towards a predetermine direction. Each news cycle is predetermined to keep you in fear then change to another form of fear.

This fear begins at birth when a piece of paper known as a birth certificate that connects you the Straw Man they created when your parents register you. Using Legalese technique of conning your parents with the name of the real you and the Straw Man written in all CAPS on the birth certificate. Creating you as a number, that follows the Legalese, statutes, and contracts the elites create, unaware that hu-Mans only have to obey Natural Laws and Common Laws.

In spite of this, the Straw Man is the least of our concerns; during the early days of the creation of the Straw Man, it was easy for the elites to track the status of people adherence to Legalese statutes. However, in the modern era people have too many numbers tied to them. The next stage of the human enslavement is what we coin as the Digital Man.

Over time, the Straw Man gains other identities for example a social security number, employee numbers, and hundreds of other numbers associated with the Straw Man. Hu-Mans were falling through the cracks therefore, the elites mandated a network to manage all the Straw Man sub identities. Now we have a government system to track all information (identities) of humans. A system that not only can manage all your identities, but also more important measure your behavior patterns, assuring that your Straw Man adheres to the Legalese the elite’s mandate. For example, the Health Care System among other taxing control systems. The system is so vast that you can run from it but you cannot hide from it no matter whom you are.

number11How this system works is your Straw Man gives the global network every bit of information your Straw Man creates, then this information is collected to form a Digital Man. The Digital Man tells the network your location at any given moment, what you had to eat, whom you associate with or not with, your beliefs, likes and dislikes, and much more in order to create a profile of you. Moreover, you freely give the Digital Man the information. All this information is streaming to create a copy of all the things you do or not do. In addition, as long as you obey the elite’s statutes and Legalese you are not bothered. For if, people were bothered frequently, the elites would be unable to monitor and control human behavior; we would ask too many awkward questions.

Therefore, the deception is if the real person see no harm, there is nothing to worry about. However, the result is the lost of your liberty and freedom. Do you understand? People believe that we must give up some liberty and freedom in concert with all the information to collect. The truth is we give up liberty and freedom of the hu-Man to stand under the Digital Man.

What you can do for now is spend time researching the validity of this post to determine for yourself. The post just skims the surface, but it is really up to you and only you to free yourself, from the manipulation and deceit the elites impose upon you. Next post well will get in more about the Digital Man and how to create one, how behavior is collected, how the information at a future date can be used to control you.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name