Are You Really You – Digital Man

Digital ManThe Digital Man is an extension of all the numbers created by your Straw Man. This data is stored having a time stamp, time indices, or some type of time indicator associated with the digital numbers assigned to you. An example is a cell phone number pinging every few seconds, constantly in a sweeping action, to instantaneously ring your cell phone when someone calls. Each ping indicates the time you are at that location and stored in a database. As long as your phone has power, you are willingly providing a tracking device. Having the device lets, the elites know your location at any given moment. Another example is your debt or credit cards attached to you provides everything you purchase to be stored in a database. What most people are unaware of is everything you do has some indicator that is stored in some database other than a government database. Below is an example of the manufacturing time and date stamp.

nsa5Several years back around February 2006 there was a case where there were several church burnings in Alabama. At that, time I was managing a store in Tennessee when FBI & ATF agents came in wanting to view the video tape of transactions made at the store. The reason the law enforcement wanted to view the tapes was they traced the purchase of the rubbing alcohol bottle left at the crime scene used to start the delay mechanism to start the fires; potentially providing the FBI video images of the people who started the church fires. Point is everything manufactured has a number to track. Just similar to the tracking system of packages delivered to your home or business. The number trace to a purchase across state lines to the scene of the crime providing potential images of the individuals. You can look on any soda a see a tracking number usually near the expiration date. All things are tracked so that any give time a profile can be developed.

Digital information is stored at the source resulting in the government not needing to store all the information. We learn two important concepts, all items made have a number attached to it, so it can be traced, also you have numbers attached to you, and so you can be traced. Both you and the item have time indexes and location stored on databases. All this information is stored at the source, for instance all banking transactions store at the bank, online purchase stored outlet, soda or chips purchase at a convenient store. Everything and anything you do is traceable.

NSA2Another example, your modern car has a location beckon to unlock the car when you leave the keys in it at the market. You lock your keys in your car in Washington State and the keystrokes to unlock your car is made in Florida State demonstrating the reach of the Digital Man.

As long as your Digital Man does not raise to a keep an eye on level, you will never really know you have a profile that is unless you research the topic. To you it seems that your liberties and freedom are just fine. The belief is the data collection is necessary to fight terrorism to relieve the fear that you are kept safe. The truth is the data is collected to better control your behavior, which affects all.

The elites collect all the data and save it to control you. Think about it. For instance, in a divorce court do you think they just happen to listen to the phone or text conversations? No! Everything you text or say is recorded by the telecommunications service and takes a court order to release the information. It is not filling out the paperwork when the recording process to start. It is already recorded! However, the point is the information is collected without a court order not by the government but by third parties, which you give permission to do through the Straw Man contracts. Every person has a Digital Man profile ready and waiting to be use at any moment the elites desire to use it.

nsa4Furthermore, people willingly build their Digital Man by creating an online profile using many different social media outlets. Now the elites have a picture of you doing silly things, things you purchase, things you email, your location, and whatever else you freely give. Even the things you search on the web are stored to develop a profile of your behavior. Notice how things you search for pop up in the ads. Go to the bottom of the post and look at the advertisement. The advertisement reflects your profile search history. Test it – go search for some item like a blender or lawn mower. Watch what appears to be the advertisement following your search patterns from website to website. The elites say this practice comes from Meta Data.

NSA3Meta Data is a ploy on words. You must have data in the first place. For instance, the book you wish to file in a library must exist before you can index it. The data must exist before you can Meta Data it. How do you index a book is the main titles, author, etc but more importantly the content. To index the content it must be read. All data is scan (read) to form the Meta Data.

How do you collect Meta Data? What the elites use is a web crawler to search for Meta Data. A web crawler is a program that crawls through all the data looking for key words to formulate the Meta Data. Get it, the program crawls the information searching for predetermine key words to develop the Meta Data. Saying we only store the metadata but in order to have the metadata in the first place the program has to scan (read) it all. Meta Data is an afterthought. Therefore, when the elites scan all your online posts, emails, etc for key words they form a Meta Data profile of your Digital Man. The elites make it sound like they just pull the titles to form a profile, which they do. They also do key word search, which they just type in any key word to search. They also search the contents of the words for example all the words in this post for key words to formulate the Meta Data.

NSAThe elites have access to all the information about your life in a digital format spread throughout many different databases not one big location. The one big information center is a hub. At this hub, the elites use this information to control your behavior. How to control behavior let us consider a more personnel scale. Consider having a friend that reads the horoscope daily, then you read “their” horoscope without them knowing you read it, then play out their horoscope, so that the person believes the horoscope to be true, since the behavior became true. What you have done is control the outcome by triggering a positive response, then repeat the process repeatedly.

It is malicious but effective method to bring order to chaos. No different from the elites messing with you, the elites continually have commercials, fearful news cycles, etc to mess with you to create your behavior. The elites what ads to show you online, billboards along the road, shows on television, in the media, news, etc. All to trigger a Pavlov Human response! Leading humanity down a predetermine path while the entire time you believe you are making decisions.

The Digital Man is the elite’s mechanism to mess with your behavior and move you in a Hegelian Dialectic manner towards the elite’s goal of control.

Nonetheless, there is a way out of this control and the next set of posts will show a proven path out.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name