Anti-Vaccine Conspiracy

vacAnti-vaccine conspiracy is a good example of how science and reality clash. The conspiracy resurfaces stating that vaccinations or shots are not safe; thanks to the current media debate, that surrounds the measles out-break that began at Disneyland. People who believe the shots are not safe often cite the conspiracy theory that vaccines are linked to autism.

Once again, the conspiracy is surrounded on the meaning of words. For instance, people state, that “science” proves the vaccines are safe however the problem is science has two disciplines. One path is theory and the other is applied. What is the difference? Simply, applied science deals with dirt (contamination) where theory never deals with the reality of contamination (perfect conditions).

To understand the differences consider the familiar feather and washer experiment showing the acceleration of gravity is a constant. The experiment is to place a visional heavier object in a tube with a feather. The tube has the air sucked out to form a vacuum chamber. The washer and feather are release at the same time, both falling at the same rate; the washer and feather hit the bottom of the chamber the same time. An ideal experiment where “ideal” is the key word meaning we rig the experiment to show conditions that are not normal in your everyday life. In theory the washer and feather fall at the same rate proving the acceleration of gravity is a constant.

If you were to drop a washer and feather in the open air, like in the room you are in, the feather and washer will fall not hit the ground at the same time, each falls at a different rate. The feather has air resistance (contamination) to deal with and the washer has little to no air resistance to deal with. Applied science deals with circumstance outside of the “ideal” conditions.

The point is when people throw around the words “the science behind the vaccines” is describing vaccines under “ideal” conditions. When people rattle off the word “the science” supports vaccines do no harm, does not really mean anything unless they follow it up with the conditions of the study. What counts is the effect the vaccines have outside of the controlled conditions like after you leave the doctor’s office.

The play on words is to state there is nothing wrong with the vaccines or shots are using the ideal conditions of science to support their claim and the people that say the vaccines or shots cause ill effects are using applied science. Both are right!

Applied science shows that outside the control conditions of a control study; the vaccines have a preservative to extend shelf life included in the shot. What are the preservatives? Briefly, we show that thiomersal is a mercury base compound of the class of organomercury used as a preservative in vaccines since the 1930s to prevent bacterial and fungal contamination. In 1999, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) asked the vaccine makers to remove thiomersal from vaccines due to ill effects as quickly as possible; consequently, thiomersal was phased out of most vaccines. Further details of organomercury show dimethylmercury in particular, is notoriously toxic, but has found use as an antifungal agent and insecticide. Merbromin and phenylmercuric borate are used as topical antiseptics, while Nitromersol is used as a preservative for vaccines and antitoxins.

Continuing the applied science path, we find that nitromersol is still in use as a preservative for vaccines and antitoxins and can cause hypersensitivity reactions. Moreover, in 1998 we note that the use of nitromersol as over the counter (OTC) first-aid antiseptics, vaginal contraceptives, and products for diaper rash was outlawed by the FDA. Therefore, nitromersol is still in use as a preservative for vaccines and antitoxins. We leave you to continue the research the effects preservatives have on your well-being noticing the removal of one toxic from one product but not others.

The point of the anti-vaccine conspiracy is science has two disciplines theoretical and applied. Debating the science of vaccines depends on the approach one chooses. We all hear all too often “science” supports this or that; therefore, you must believe what is said. Because of the authority, the word “science” holds. The truth is in most contexts “science” is just a word to control your reaction towards a predetermine problem. It is up to you to do the research and find the truth.

Here is a good start for your research.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name