Ancient Knowledge – Reality

RealityHidden knowledge is available to all. At Fringe Truth, we show this hidden knowledge so all can make their own choices in life. For that reason, we continue our discussion between existing on a number line or the number plane. The indoctrination that we only reside on a number line is strong. Existing in this deterministic view of reality denies that one has free will. The knowledge shown below will illustrate that we have free will by exposing the fact we live in a plane of choices.

The illustration below shows how we live in a plane of events.


Where the first horizontal and vertical lines intersect represents the beginning of our lives. We continue down this deterministic life until we are giving a choice. An example of a free will choice is a decision that changes your course of life.

My first free will choice was at thirteen; I told the adults praying for me to become a pastor is a form of control. You pray to control my behavior not to encourage my spiritual growth. The free will choice I made was not to follow organized religion but instead to have a direct spiritual life. My first free will choice was to deny a deterministic view to govern my life. The point is I made a free will choice. One path in life verse another path in life.

The illustrate above shows the above free will interaction. Point 1 is an open circle representing I am no longer follow that deterministic line of organized religion. Point 2 shows that I jump up to a new line of reality. I moved within the plane of realities. The other notational jumps represent other free will choices throughout my life.

We can only measure the reality we life in and to move to another line of reality we must make a free will choice in the plane of realities then begin to measure that new reality.

Consider the illustration below that shows a vertical line intersecting a horizontal line. The horizontal line is the deterministic perception of reality. All decisions are a consequence of thoughts falling on the real number line. Each decision is a consequence of the previous decisions. This person lives in a control environment.


All free will choices allow you to move up or down the plane of realities.

The hidden knowledge is you can live outside of the control. The indoctrination of the global elites is very strong; they induce key responses to keep you on the deterministic line of life. Living a deterministic life style is to become a Pavlov human.

The truth is people can break free of the deterministic lifeline by making a choice outside of the habitual choices. The ancient knowledge shown in this post is that humanity lives in a plane of choices. Once we make a freewill choice, we move our reality. Therefore, live in a new line of reality.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name