Ancient Knowledge – Meaning

imagesCANY9CTQAt Fringe Truth, we are laying the groundwork to understand ancient knowledge. The next subject matter is crucial in opening up your mind to what is hidden from you. We must undo years of mathematical indoctrination. The programming begins at a very early age. We are only taught half the story when it comes to solving mathematical problems. Leaving most people asking the question when will I every use this math in real life. Unaware you naturally solve complex math problems all the time in your head.

To unlock ancient knowledge we must understand the symbolic meaning behind the numbers.

We begin with what you recall from your math textbook. What you see are numbers, numerical symbols and a bunch of junk you have no ideal what it means. This is done for a reason. To explain further is will attempt to illustrate what I use to teach the first day of class in the hopes to undo some of the programming. During the very first class when I taught college mathematics, I did the following:

two two fourFirst writing the number 2 on the board and asking the class what is that. A student would say two – the condition response.

I would say are you sure? It looks like chalk on the board to me. Getting a chuckle from the class.

Two what? Two apples, planes, feet, meters or dollars? Explaining the 2 has no meaning therefore is just chalk on the board.

We now draw a line behind the 2 _______ written on the board. The meaning behind the number value dictates how this value interact with other values.

Next, I would write meters on the line. Showing we now have 2 meters. Stating that a number has two parts, a value, and a meaning. Stating your textbook neglects to write the most important part of the number; the meaning. One of the reasons this is done is to save ink. Picture how thick and expensive your textbook would be if all the meanings were included.

We now writing two plus two equals then drawing a line on the board. 2 + 2 = ______? Is this four? The students hesitate – not sure!

sticksDrawing lines behind each of the two’s. Labeling one in meters and the other in yards. 2 meters + 2 yards = ?

Stating without knowing the meaning of the values you cannot know how to mathematically proceed. Two meters plus two yards equals two meters and two yards. It is not four.

What happens if we change both of the two’s to one hundred? We find large numbers do not change the meaning so we still cannot perform the mathematical operation of addition.

It is very important to understand that even erasing the two, two’s we show we still have meters plus yards therefore we cannot perform the operation of addition. The moral of the story is the meaning of the number dictates how to proceed mathematically. Not the value of the number! 2 + 2 = 4 is meaningless and sadly most of the math you learn in school is meaningless.

The knowledge hidden from the students is the meaning of the number dictates how to proceed mathematically moreover symbolically. Symbolic meaning dictates how knowledge and hidden knowledge interacts. Take a moment and think about it. How symbolic meanings interact dictates how knowledge flows from one ideal to another ideal. This holds true for all knowledge. How the meaning of the symbol interacts with other symbols determines the result. The standard symbolic meaning of meters does not interact with standard symbolic meaning of yards.

Let us consider the problem of distance divided time equals speed. If you have any standard meaning of distance divided by the standard meaning of time gives you a meaning of speed. The point is the interaction of the meanings dictates distance is divided by time dictates. The symbols of meter divided by second equals speed. An important truth is if we have the meaning of two symbols we can determine the interaction of the third symbol. For instance, if we know speed and time we can determine distance by multiplying. Overall, the meaning determines how to proceed not the numerical value.

Ancient KnowledgeThe hidden knowledge is how symbols and their meaning interact. Now consider sacred knowledge, this star aligned with this planet equals these traits. It can be difficult to understand how astronomical symbols lining up can predict certain outcomes but it is no different from science predicting the speed knowing distance and time. Both cases begin with developing their meanings from a wiggle or vibration.

What is deliberately left out of the education process is the meaning of the numerical values. So those people programmed with the notion that two plus two can only equal four and nothing else, lack the understand to discover ancient knowledge. If humans were brought up knowing, how symbols interact very little would be hidden, and those in control would lose control.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name