Ancient Knowledge – Fields Part 2

electronIn Ancient Knowledge – Fields Part 1 we discuss the motion of fields that is everything wiggles showing the solar systems moves quite differently than one is taught in school. We now move towards the smaller wave-particle notion of an electron field. Note the typical thought control image to the left, how just a few lines draw the field also how the electron sits still with no indication of movement.

Consider the public education myth that smaller fields flow linear. The notion that electron flows down the wire like water down a stream is not true. Educational pictures showing how electricity arrives at the home is in error. The flow of an electron starts at the power planet then the electron flows down the wire into the appliance we use. We drawn a line from beginning to end thinking this is the path of the electron. We draw the wires not a physical interaction.

electron2The truth how power gets to the home is the first electron vibrates at the power plant, which in turn causes the electron next to vibrate so on and so forth all happening at the speed of light. Each consecutive electron vibrates into the neighbor electron until the electron at the end of the wire vibrates causing power at the power outlet. When you complete the circuit by plugging in an appliance then turning on the switch a chain reaction of electrons occurs. Not stopping until the switch is flipped to the off position hence no more flow of electrons vibrating into each other.

The chain reaction gives the illusion of electrical movement in a linear fashion. Lightning is a good example. The electrons at the beginning of the lightning strike vibrate to cause a chain reaction so it appears the electron at the beginning of the strike hits the ground. The paper “There are no particles, there are only fields” is a good read on fields.

When we think of smaller particles like an electron, we think of an object moving linear. Since this linear deterministic way of thinking is encouraged in school. Nonetheless, the flow of electrons demonstrate how smaller objects interact in a wave like manner not the particle like manner we are lead to believe.