Ancient Knowledge – Fields Part 1

spirit fieldWe will expand on hidden knowledge by introducing fields. Fields are important concepts in science. In spite of this, science neglects to mention how important fields are in spiritually understanding. To start with, we must understand everything throughout wiggles. Another way to get the point is in the beginning there was wiggles. Most people would say that in the beginning there was light. True but limits the truth; consequently, hiding the full concept. Everything wiggles even the knowledge outside of light.

Furthermore, a wiggle is a vibration. Vibrations have spins. The knowledge to gain is that nothing is still in the universe, everything is moving. Science uses the term fields to measure the effects of everything moving; however, neglect spiritual existence in the fields of movement.

earth rotatationLet us begin with the ideal, you are not sitting still, you just see everything around you wiggle-vibrate-spin at the same pace having the illusion of stillness. Take note you are moving roughly one-thousand miles an hour as well as everything else around you. If the planet were to stop rotating, you would dramatically realize this effect. The sun wiggles-vibrates-spins in space just like everything else. Therefore, you are not just spinning and rotating around the sun, we also moving thru space along the path of the sun moves thru space. Three degrees of movement, all seems to be stillness, however the wiggle-vibrate-spin are so large they appears not there. The larger degree of movements collapse around you in stillness having the illusion of no change.

Largely the ideal of motion is hidden from humanity. Mull over how we are taught the planets circle the sun. We draw lines close to a circle representing the orbits of planets. Nonetheless, this does not describe all the motion since the sun is moving. The drawing on paper can only show a snapshot of what is occurring. The fact is the sun moves in space along with the planets in a helix motion. Watch these excellent videos part one and two to visualize how we wiggle thru space and time fields. Notice the hidden sacred geometry in the videos.

field linesHumans are taught to think in a linear mode. In school notice how nice and straight, the lines are; how one deterministic ideal leads to another deterministic ideal. Academia forces experimental findings to model a straight line that is to have scientific data to sit still long enough to draw a straight line. The process distorts reality into theory. One snapshot theory leads to another snapshot theory. Only the few students that go to graduate school are given the opportunity to explore information beyond theory; nonetheless, most of them are secure in their deterministic belief system.

To understanding spiritual fields is quite contrary to the academia approach. We approach spiritual fields with you at the center in the midst of every part of reality moving around you. What everyone should get a kick out of is how humanity is instructed to sit still to mediate just as academia would instruct people. Spiritual people have to walk and chew gum. Spiritual beings walk in stillness.

A vast amount of hidden knowledge is available to those that understand reality is moving. Awareness of these fields is where science and spiritual understanding cross paths.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name