Ancient Knowledge – Counting

CountingToday, we are going to become aware how to count like the few so-called academic elites; moreover, how the ruling elites in ancients times did. First of all, you thought you knew how to count. At a very young age, people learn to count in an objective manner. The truth is the counting method you learn at a very young age is to control your critical thinking. It is to box your mind into a static fixed reality.

The count method of 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on is to develop a static frame of reference having a point of origin giving credence to a deterministic understanding of reality. The hidden method to count consists of counting in a flux reference frame – always changing. A frame of reference that everything is moving hence wiggles and vibrates. Simply put you are taught to count so that things stay still; the ancient ruling elites count as if everything is wiggling hence vibrating.

Scientists develop a hypothesis to a problem in a static mannerism therefore strip the movement from the experiment to isolate the point of innovation. Scientists yells; “Stop the wiggles so we can see what is going on”!

counting1The hidden method of counting from you is { }, 1, Φ, 2, e, 3, π, i. These are all the numbers needed to determine everything – period. We will briefly characterize each hidden meaning. In future posts we will expand on each number.

• The symbol { } is define as void, also null or empty set. In mathematics the real meaning of the { } is stripped to a static definition therefore simply ignoring the true meaning of { }.

• Likewise, the meaning of 1 is stripped of it true value in mathematics therefore prevents the full potential of its meaning.

• The golden rule Φ is found in nature. Some meaning is understood in sacred geometry but separate from the complete set of hidden numbers.

• The meaning of 2 is again stripped of its true meaning.

• Some people can recall from math class solving a logarithmic problem; only to discover at the end of the section e covers all logarithmic values.

• Again, the number 3 is stripped of its full meaning.

• The number π is somewhat understood since we use the wheel and reinvent the wheel.

• The number i tell us we live in a plane of numbers NOT a number line.

counting2These are all the numbers ({ }, 1, Φ, 2, e, 3, π, i ) a person needs to understand to determine how things wiggle and vibrate. Nevertheless, you begin your education counting 1, 2, 3, 4… restricting your critical thinking skills; therefore, for science to discover, the experiment essential must sit still for humans to grasp nature. Where the reverse is clear, if humans understood everything small and large wiggles, humans would be very difficult to control – leaping forward in knowledge.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name