Ancient Knowledge – Base Meanings

ancient knowledgeFrom the last post Ancient Knowledge – Meanings we discovered that a number has both a value and meaning. The meaning of the number determines how we will apply the mathematics. The meaning dictates how stuff interacts. To understand the metaphysics of nature we also must understand the physical nature of the universe. Hence, the words like energy are interchangeable. Physics and metaphysics have the same base units of energy. The point is all forms of understanding energy, derive from the base units of energy. The wheel is already invented no need to reinvent another understanding of energy one for physics and one for metaphysics.

We further this discovery by showing how the meaning of a number interacts with other meanings. Using the three base unit’s quantities, we show how to define momentum, force, energy, and power.

First, the length of the wiggle in time is defined in meters. Next, the wiggle in time is also defined in seconds. Thirdly, a group of wiggles is defining in kilogram. As the table below shows.


We mention speed last post as length divided by time. It is important to notice a pattern develop between the interactions when we combine base units.

What is momentum? Momentum is one component of mass times the one component of length all this divided by time. Using base units we have these symbols represent one-kilogram times one meter divided by one second defines momentum. Note how we introduce the base unit of mass after that how it interacts with speed to define momentum.


Notice the table below we introduce a base unit of time in the denominator to form acceleration. What is force? Newton’s second law states force is mass times acceleration. As we can see, one-kilogram times one meter divided by seconds squared is force. Observe how the meaning of momentum from the table above and force compare from the table below, how the only difference is one base unit of time.


What is energy? Energy is mass times speed squared. For example, Einstein mass – energy equivalence equation, energy is mass times the speed of light squared. Notice we introduce a unit of length in the numerator of force. A pattern begins to emerge.


What is power? Notice we introduce another base unit of time in the denominator of energy. The link continues base unit puzzle moreover other ink saving names for the base units. Rather than write out base unit of force, energy and power we once again rename the base units to save ink Newton’s (N), Joule’s (J), and Watts (W) respectively.


Below is a table showing how the interaction of each base unit dictates the mathematics.


Concealed from people is the understanding of base units, how they interact to formulate words. Most people use the words like force, energy, and power in their everyday language. Whether we discuss knowledge in the physical or metaphysical, the base units remain the same. When you speak of the inner force or energy, you now know how the vibrations interact. Once again, a reminder that knowledge is hidden from us because of the lack of understanding that the physical realm lies on the real number line and the spiritual realm lies on the number plane. The only results we can measure are those on the real number line. We will continue to discover the physical and spiritual interactions.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name