Ancient Knowledge – Antigravity

Newton_appleFirst, what is the meaning of anti? What ‘anti’ describes is direction from position to negative therefore, how the sign confections are set up. The signs define what is gravity (-/+) and antigravity (+/-). Likewise how things spin or rotate defines matter (-/+) and antimatter (+/-). It is how the plus and minus signs are set-up. Anti is no more complicated than knowing how things wiggle in the opposite direction than what we consider the normal direction. For instance, the Earth rotates in a normal counter clockwise direction; if the Earth were to rotate in the opposite direction, we would consider it anti-Earth.

rational_number_lineWhen we set-up a number line we put the negative meaning values to the left of the zero and the positive meaning values to the right of the zero. We consider this a normal number line. However if we set-up the position on the left and the negative values on the right we would have an anti-normal number line. Same goes for spinning and rotating objects if we setup the rotation around the circle to be counter clockwise normal but is we set up the sign to be positive in the other direction the spinning is anti.

lWAwQAll anti means is which way things are vibrating from what we consider normal. Anti-matter is matter that spins or rotates in the opposite direction than we assume to be the normal direction. Anti normal is +/- and the normal is -/+. (Click image – cool)

Now the television, textbooks, so on teaches us that there is some supernatural event occurring or some far off alien technology but that is far from the truth. By the true definition of antigravity, the lift from the plane’s wing is antigravity technology. Buoyancy force that surrounds a balloon is antigravity. Perhaps, future technology will be developed nonetheless antigravity technology is already in use all over the globe.

lhc-cms-detector-640x353Consider CERN, originally represented by the French words for Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire (European Council for Nuclear Research) where the search for anti matter and dark matter takes place. Dark matter is just another directional twist to matter that is moving. What is actually happening is they are attempting to overcome the rotational energy of the Earth in the hopes to get a particle to spin in the contrary direction. Takes a lot of energy to achieve such an event nonetheless it is no more complex that spinning a top in the opposite direction. Dark matter would be spinning the top under the table in the opposite direction. The collider’s chamber at CERN is set-up so matter can spin in all directions free from the forces of the planet. Therefore, a top spinning under the table is possible.

What is not realized by most is the need to overcome the gravitational pull of the Earth to get things to spin in the opposite direction. Hence, the reason very small particles are required. Think of it this way a pitcher in baseball winds up to throw the ball at home plate then once the ball is release it goes off towards second base instead. That is an anti-pitch! CERN is attempting to do the same type of thing that is having particles of matter spin off in the opposite direction from normal by smashing two particles into each other.

The ancient knowledge is that anti is just another word to say, moving in the opposite direction than normal. Dark is just another word to say, moving in the opposite direction and upside down than normal.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name