Alien Presence – BBOPP

Alien AgendaA funny thing happen today, got a question from a woman while I was working on a post for Fringe Truth and the conversation went something like this.

The woman asked what I was doing. To be polite I told her what I was doing and what the website is about. Out of the many possible questions to ask, she asked me do I believe in aliens. With a smile and grin I said it’s funny people ask me that all the time. So, I told her my take on aliens, which I will share with you. I define aliens or anything similar as a BBOPP that is Beings Beyond Our Perceive Perception.

The conversation goes like this; go outside and look up during a clear night sky out of the city lights where you can actually see the stars and such. Ask yourself while looking up are we the most intelligent beings in the universe, then ask yourself are we the only beings in the universe. My guess is of course we are not alone. Moreover, if I to make an educated guess we really are not that smart in the whole scope of things either. She then asks and they always do “have you seen any aliens?” Nope! Then how to you know for sure they exist? I laugh and said it is like this.

Think about it like this…when you are driving down the highway heading home. You tell me what is the likelihood of you pulling over onto the shoulder of the highway, stopping and get out of the car, then go to the ditch in search of an ant. Not only that but bending over pick up the ant and talking to it. That would be weird for anyone to do that, why anyone would take time out of his or her busy day, and go talk to an ant.

She looks confused; do people really do that? Nope! So why would an alien with their intelligences do the similar thing. Stop by and talk to a person. Not likely. But let us say you felt compelled to pull over and talk to the ant on the side of the road going home tonight. And you did such a thing.

After the ants recovers from the fear of experiencing such an event, the ant is also compelled to go tell all the other ants about the experience. The other ants would automatically think you are nuts then want you to prove it. The reason and truth is the other ants can think you are nuts is only first hand personnel experience can confirm a belief in something. Changing your belief into a fact.

BBOPPTherefore, there lies the problem of aliens, supreme beings or what the fad name people give to a BBOPP today. If you meet a BBOPP and tell others your nuts and if you do not meet one you find it very hard to believe.

For this reason, we define unknown beings as BBOPP’s leaving it up to you to decide.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name