Alien Invasion

GoodMythicalMorning-CouldWeSurviveAnAlienInvasion388Note that in the video below Dr. Michio Kaku states based on the age of the universe that invading aliens can be thousands or a million years ahead of us in technology.

The problem with that analysis is an invasion in the future has the same likelihood of an invasion in the past. Perhaps, the aliens invaded 100,000 years ago or 10,000 years ago. The point is the likelihood of the aliens’ already visiting earth far outweighs the likelihood of some future event. The fight is considerable lop sided at any time.

Therefore, to talk as if an alien invasion is a near future event is to persuade humanity to believe in a false pretense – that humanity can win the fight. Most people are unaware that one the goals of the world elites is pull off a fake alien invasion to unite the world under one economy, government, and religion.

The fake alien invasion (false flag) will play out as follows. First the world is in chaos, hostile aliens arrive to unite the world to fight, the world is losing until another group of “good” aliens arrive, helping us defeat the hostile aliens. These good aliens will dictate how humanity needs to change – the red herring.

The kicker is both the good and bad are fake aliens (actually the global elite). The classic good cop bad cop scenario. Both are working together to bring about the world under one economy, government, and religion your typical Hegelian Dialectic. Moreover, aliens did arrive about 100,000 years ago – Bambi and Godzilla already happen folks! We went literally thinking with our hearts to thinking with our brains. Simply, a spirit first being to mess we have now. The good news is there is a proven path to go back to a spirit thinking being.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
Albert Einstein

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