Alien Agenda

alien agendaFringe Truth looks into the alien agenda. First, coming from a born again, spirit filled, computational physicist do aliens exist – duh! Eventually, scientific discovery will realize the universe is flooded with life and religions will not be so naïve.

Let us consider a brief postulate without going into comprehensive detail the existence of life. For every star there must be at the very least two bodies of mass in orbit, whether another star, planet, or moon. How? In short, stars produce a gravitational energy wave that obeys a scaling law; waves have nodes, at the node forms a body of mass. At the node is where planets form like fruit on a tree. A scaling law as the name infers, very small and very large objects follow the same mathematics. For instance, would you believe the impact of millions of small pieces of matter for example bugs, rain, sunlight, bird droppings collectively build layer upon layer is how to produce the fruit on a tree. No! But, you believe planets are made this way?

Fruit grows as a fourth dimension object – Make a fist with your hand; slowly extend your fingers representing the growth of the fruit (a fourth dimensional thought), inward energy at the stem to an outward expansion manifestation of the fruit. The fruit grows outward and so do planets. The current belief is a bunch of rocks flying into each other, which is a two-dimensional thought, is false. Energy from the sun manifest at gravitational nodes changes the energy into mass to form planets. We will discuss this topic in later posts.

Well, back on track on the discussion of the alien agenda. The point is there are numerous planets with life on it in the universe. Even so most people are not allowed or unwilling to believe the truth that the variable fraction of stars with planets increases significantly in the Drake equation.

Next deception is what makes humanity, which is you; believe that aliens are any better than humanity? If you think about it, aliens are fighting each other too. An example is the semi-benevolent extraterrestrial communicating with humanity is from the Pleiadians or Nordic aliens. Then we have the reptilian aliens. Assuming you believe they interact with humans in the first place. What this implies is the two sides of the aliens, good and bad, which are aggressive towards each other. Well, humanity is hostile with each other too. Therefore, what make the aliens any better than us. Nothing, but there technology, which appears to be, like magic, mystical, metaphysical, etc. to us.

Ethically speaking humanity should not give into any side of influence. All want control. Malevolent beings want control to enslave and semi-benevolent beings want control to ascend, in either case it is their struggle not ours. True benevolent beings in no way interfere with humanities progress. Therefore, our struggle is for humanity to mature on our own.

How do we mature on our own? A step towards the truth is people do not really understand that humans consist of three parts.

      • First, we have physical part, which is our body, and things we can touch, see, etc.

      • Second, we have soul part the things going on in our mind abstract from the physical, like intelligence, emotion, conscience, sub-conscience etc.

      • Third and dormant in most human beings is spirit. The alien agenda is to confuse humanity to believe that soul and spirit are one in the same, which is further from the truth.

The key to challenge the alien agenda, then free humanity is to freely ask your spirit to come to life. Your spirit is dormant until you freely ask it to come to life. Aliens trick humanity into believing that there is no free will decision-making process. As if every decision is a free will decision, humanity only have a few free will choices to make. One is the give birth to your spirit or not. Your spirit resides in your heart moreover in your blood; literally, your heart is like your brain and thinks too. The spirit is abstract from the physical and separate from your soul. The soul and spirit are two different abstract entities.

spiritOnce, you realize the three parts of humanity (flesh, soul, spirit) then put your spirit in charge of your life. You become complete and the alien agenda over time is exposed. The alien agenda is to control humanity so that we never discovery that it is your free will choice to give birth to your spirit. All you have to say; “I choose my spirit to run my life”. Moreover, practice it all the time. Simply, command your flesh to serve your soul, your soul to serve your spirit, your spirit to serve God. (Yes, aliens believe in God – blew my mind too) Also, there is a proven path to success – Christ.

Simply, the alien agenda is to stifle the human potential. The birth of your spirit gives you the ability to think spiritually on their level or above.