Affordable Care Act – Conspiracy

hegel10The Hegelian Dialectic goes as follows: the global elites have a financial dilemma, therefore create a mindset that the world’s greatest health care system has faults so the public’s reaction is to fix the failing system. Consequently, implement the globalist predetermine health care solution to solve the global elites financial difficulties.

“Increases in life expectancy are a factor in the long-range financing of Social Security; but other factors, such as the sheer size of the “baby boom” generation, and the relative proportion of workers to beneficiaries, are larger determinants of Social Security’s future financial condition.” (follow link to last statement at bottom)


The Public Relation (propaganda) purpose is to convince the public the world’s greatest healthcare system is a failing health care system therefore the masses will demand a solution.


For a super majority Congress to deliver the behind close door Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that we have to pass before we can find out what is in it and a willing Executive to sign it.

Afforable Care ActGuess we are nuts for not believing the Public Relations blitz that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is about health care. Right! The truth is the PPACA is about the global elites collecting the funds they believe they lost over the years intended for the Social Security Act (SSA) trust fund. What better way to recovery the funds than to mandate a new tax followed by managing a person’s health.

To show how the SSA and PPACA tie together we first must understand the SSA from the global elite point of view. Global elites reassess in 30, 50, and 100-year cycles then make adjustments to their plans. The financial foundation of the SSA is design to be a cash cow. A cash cow is a term meaning a business, investment, or product that provides a steady income or profit. Most pay into this Social Security Trust Fund by it automatically taken out of wages also having the belief we will be able to withdrawn from the trust fund. After 80 years of analysis by the global elites a “change” is necessary.

However, when we think about it the ideal financial plan is to pay into the trust fund up to the day you can withdraw then pass away. The design of global elites plan is only a minority are to collect funds from the trust fund. If more people withdrew from the cash cow, the system would collapse, hence the problem statement above. How to fix this?

IPABTo fix the problem the global elites need to get a grip on the life expectancy that is to manage people living longer as well as simultaneously to recover intended funds. The PPACA serves both functions through a mandatory tax and the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB). The 15-member board function is to cap the outgoing funds, which in turn will represent eligibility dates for certain critical medical testing. Be aware of the play on words, to refute the notion the board does not “deny” access by saying you are just “not eligible” for the tests. For instance, you may have symptoms at the age 49 but not eligible for the medical test until 50 therefore we did not deny access.

What the PPACA really amounts to is the global elite’s version to renovate the SSA. The next 30 years will be interesting for those that live long enough and for those young enough to track life expectancy. Perhaps, the global elites will come up with some major event to reduce life expectancy to mask their true intensions. You know so those that can look at the graph of life expectancy and see the trend is down because “blah blah happen”. For now, the global elite want their true intentions shrouded as well as not seeing the flicker in the light from the pitchforks.


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name