WelcomeHumanity is in confusion. Because of the never-ending bombardment of misinformation, disinformation, as well as false beliefs past down from generation to generation. We also find ourselves surround by a sea of deliberate telling of untruths, omitting truths, half-truths. Finally, after all the deceit, we might find some truth.

From this information, the view of the world interacts with your human conscience, to form the viewpoint of your reality, that results in a harmful deterministic path to discover what is right and wrong.

Knowledge is the key to unlocking humanities potential. Nonetheless, presently, the only acceptable form of knowledge is scientific logic.

Consider everything humanity understands comes from scientific knowledge, strictly centered from Earth’s position in space and time. From our origins to present technological advancements, we find that we only masquerade true knowledge; as a result humanity still believes Earth is the center of universal knowledge.

The objective of Fringe Truth is to allow you an opportunity to look at the Earthly Knowledge differently. Our hope is we will set in motion your inner awareness. To find the understanding that your spirit yearns for.


Ancient Knowledge Articles

  • Hidden Sacred Ancient Knowledge Exposed

  • Nibiru – Orbital Path
    Nibiru – Orbital Path



“Don’t find fault, find a remedy.”

(Henry Ford)


All the Glory goes to God, in Jesus, the Christ name